How to Buy a Suitable Chef?s Jacket

Posted by articlelink01 on March 31st, 2015

Getting the right chefs jacket is as important as coming up with that pasta recipe. A chef’s jacket is not just for show. Chefs wear has been worn for as long as anyone can remember. It has become a significant part of the hospitality industry. It doesn’t matter if it a small restaurant, a five star hotel or a catering business. The way the chef dresses is very important. This is why finding the right uniform should be taken seriously. Traditionally, the white jacket has been the most popular choice. Nowadays however, the colors have changed. There are so many options to choose from.

Know where to buy

One thing to always remember is to get the chef’s jacket from recognized and reputable distributers. This is because there are some jackets that are not of the best quality. There are some distributers that sell below standard chef jackets. It may be hard to tell what the difference is sometimes. This is why buying from a renowned distributer would help. If you are a chef and need to buy one, ask around first. Find out where the best place to buy is. This way you can be sure that you are getting quality wear. The quality of the cloth used on the jacket is of uttermost importance. High quality cotton means that you get a comfortable jacket.

Take your pick

One option that you have is the black chef jacket. However, one can choose some other color depending on preference. Black jackets may also vary based on design. The size of the sleeves is also another factor to consider. Chefs jackets come in different sleeve sizes. It would be up to an individual to decide what size they want. There are advantages that come with both short and long sleeves. Look at all these before making the final choice. Always make sure that the jacket you pick is comfortable to work in. Remember that you will be spending a lot of hours in that jacket.


Restaurants like to customize their services. This extends to the staff wear too. Besides the uniform, the restaurant brand may be on the chef’s jacket. Many restaurants like to use this as part of their branding. This is especially true when it comes to open kitchens. When the chef is running around cooking all those delicacies, they have the restaurant’s name on their uniform. Some people however may prefer to have their name on their jackets. This is also a good way to identify yourself as the master of the culinary expertise going on.

Single or double breasted?

Chef’s jackets can be double or single breasted. For someone that doesn’t have to handle messy dishes, the single breasted jacket works just fine. The double breasted presents an advantage because it can be flipped over when the top layer gets stained. It is necessary to make sure that the chefs wear, not just the jacket, is good enough. There are some jackets that may cost more than others. However, the quality of the jacket should never be compromised for price. It would be better to get one high quality chef’s jacket than get two that don’t work.

Buying chefs wear should be done with caution. With so many choices to pick from, finding the right one may be a little tricky. Having a few guidelines help is a welcome relief. Before you go out to buy that black chef jacket , ensure that it is the most suitable one for you.

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