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Posted by emerjoytvale on August 15th, 2010



             When your gum hurts and swells this means that there?s something wrong. Maybean infection is in progress and millions of bacteria is trying to invade. Thisinflammation of the gum is called gingivitis. This may eventually lead to toothloss if the inflammation will spread to the supportive tissues surrounding thetooth and the alveolar bone. With the following possible circumstances, we needto know the possible causes that contribute to gingivitis. Lack of Vitamin B3and Vitamin C in the diet could intensify dental plaque which initiatesgingivitis. Not brushing the teeth right after eating especially after snacks,irregular mouth cleaning or wrong way of flossing or in general poor oralhygiene can make the gums susceptible to infection. Diabetes also predisposesan individual to develop gingivitis due to insufficient perfusion of gumtissues. All these possible causes could produce the following symptoms ofgingivitis: pain, halitosis (foul smelling breath), bleeding, dying of gumcells and even ulcer. To manage gingivitis the following recommendations can beapplied. Avoiding snacks between meals will provide bacteria free hours for theoral cavity. Eating a bland diet with abundant Vitamin C and B complex richfoods is also recommended. Brush teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrushimmediately after eating. Avoid fruits and vegetables that contain small seedsthat may entrapped inside the gums. Among all these things, all we need is toprevent gingivitis, this is the best way.




                In the world where we live today, there are different strata that classifiedthe people into different group. This difference may tell us that there habits,values and beliefs vary. Some people don't care if they will get an infectionespecially if it is in a localized area in the mouth, the gums. Examples ofthese people are those beggars from the street and those schizophrenic peoplewho are not confined in a hospital. How could these people do their activitiesof daily living? Their gums might have an infection, isn't it?  Or theother way around is happening. If an individual was exposed to a certainbacteria or virus, he or she might develop immunity against these microorganisms.When the bacteria or virus will strike again inside the body, the antibodiesthat were created from the previous exposure will attack that certain bacteriaor virus. Is this the reality behind the absence of signs and symptoms ofgingivitis to those people mentioned above? Or they just do their best to hidethese signs and symptoms?

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