5 Best Options for Dinnerware Sets to Fit Your Needs

Posted by everten on March 31st, 2015

Dinnerware sets and dishes are quite easy to identify, except for those made from materials with very similar properties, like stone, earthen ware, and porcelain. Quality can often be easily gauged by looking at the outward appearance of dinnerware. Here are your best options for dish sets for use in casual and everyday dining or more special occasions:

  • Stoneware – If you want dishes with sturdy, rustic aesthetic, consider using stoneware. These dishes are a lot more chip and break-resistant than earthenware, especially because they are moulded in fire and processed at higher temperature. Stoneware is noticeably less white than ceramics and other materials because they are made from brown and gray clay and only glazed for a whiter look.
  • Earthenware – Earthenware may not be as sturdy as other dinnerware sets of other materials, like (stoneware and ceramics) but they are perfect budget-friendly alternatives for those who are not quite ready to invest more dollars in a costly or, more durable set. They tend to chip easily, but because of their softer, thinner material, they are a lot easier to shape and craft for more detailing.
  • Porcelain – Another good option for everyday use, porcelain is the most durable and strongest dish material, contrary to the popular notion that porcelain is quite fragile and delicate. They are fired at the highest temperatures, which makes them non-porous and more durable, with an elegant, glass-like appearance.
  • Glass – Glass and crystal dish-ware are also great for casual use, and they come in a wide range of styles, ranging from coloured to transparent, and even opaque and textured.
  • Melamine – If you want durable, shatterproof dishes for casual, everyday use, melamine (a durable plastic resin) is the perfect choice, especially when you have children around.

There are many other types of dinnerware sets that you can choose from, according to your needs and preferences. Dinnerware sets typically come with 4 to 5 pieces, including plates and bowls of varying sizes, mugs, teacups, and saucers. If you want more items to match server ware, a good way to complete your dish sets is to find a brand with lines that carry pieces that will tie the entire table setting together. Dinnerware is also sold in sets of 4 to 12, although numbers vary according to brand. Most contemporary sets can accommodate at least four to eight people.

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