How to Find & Remove Duplicate Songs from iTunes Library

Posted by Amit Negi on March 13th, 2021

Hello I might Russell from music radio creative calm and in this article I would like to give you not one but three of my favorite free audio editing software packages let's get started with the package making it into position three and the reason it's not higher is because it only works on one platform and that's a Mac GarageBand is a fantastic free audio editor for Mac OS users.

GarageBand is a fantastic free option for Mac users as it's so easy to get started whether you're making music or recording a podcast you can just easily get going straight away and drag in any audio that you want to edit two different tracks you can easily put on a compressor you can record voiceovers you can mix in a multitrack style view and it's even got bars and beats included as well for you if you want to do really cool stuff with your audio and start making music a nice metronome feature plenty of different preset sounds and libraries that you can use and a really intuitive Apple style help all the way throughout the app you know number two completely free and also cross-platform compatible windows mac and linux is lmms fantastic if you want to dabble with music creation lmms is totally open source it's cross-platform as I just mentioned and it enables you to make music at the click of a button you can just start creating your own beats and bass lines you can choose from different plugins and different effects and you can really go nuts.

Here with different sample tracks it's really like a lite version of Logic Pro or Ableton or fruity loops and it's completely free did I mention they're already a fantastic piece of audio editing software and swiping the top spot getting better and better all the time with a huge open-source community around it number one is audacity and then there's the big one of them all yes it is audacity super user-friendly a huge open source community and the ability to playback audio and edit audio as you wish turning volumes up and down making all kinds of edits to your audio as well deleting things and generally it's good for editing waveforms and podcasts and other pieces of audio that you want to edit you can drag in multiple files as well like soap and create a kind of mix of files in a multitrack style display plus of course you can select your audio input and output right here from the interface one of the most intuitive free audio editing software packages out there and available today so there you go did I miss a free audio editor one of the best free audio editing software packages on the market.

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