How AI is Affecting The Future Of Optometry?

Posted by shivam pandey on March 13th, 2021

The impact of AI or Artificial Intelligence is now slowly unwrapping itself. AI along with convolutional neural networks (CNN) and deep learning algorithms is making significant changes to the Optometry industry, health care domain as well as society. CAD or Computer-aided diagnosis is slowly becoming the norm. 

Let us take a look at how AI is changing the future of Optometry – 

  1. Technological impact 

The field of Optometry is expected to exponentially move towards the intersection of disruptive technologies, significantly AI, as we move ahead in the 21st-century. 

However, one must understand that technology will never overpower mankind and replace them. Although AI is making diagnosis and treatment easier as well as accurate, it is important for ODs (Doctor of Optometry) to be updated to the dynamics of this industry. AI is proven helpful for ODs to precisely diagnose and help the patients improve their condition. 

Such contribution of AI to this industry is expected to boost the future of Optometry, hence, b.opt courses are one of the most sought-after courses today. The education received, if well combined with technology, can result in providing top-notch eye care in the near future. 

  1. Advancement in practice 

AI is depended on deep learning algorithms, applied to OCT, medical images and visual fields to diagnose diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration (also termed as AMD). AI is effective in determining and managing corneal ecstasies, keratoconus, etc. AI helps in collecting data globally and determining a most accurate and effective way to treat the conditions. 

Additionally, an interruption in proper communication with the ODs can affect overall treatment. ODs can make use of AI to increase the quality of communication with their patients as well as educate them properly on their condition, which is of paramount importance.   

Some of the leading topics will be trained when you would opt for b.opt courses in Kolkata.   

  1. Patient care

Quality patient care increases when the doctor and patient can spend adequate time. Use of AI and electronic healthcare systems have proven to be beneficial and doctors are capable enough to spend prolonged time with their patients along with offering in-person patient care. However, it is also the responsibility of ODs to educate their patients on the usage of AI for this purpose and not impede it. 

A substantial shift in Optometry education is also expected as technology advances. This calls for the need for data analysis and increased interpersonal skills which may include compassion, empathy and other qualities required to render quality patient care. However, less focus will be given to data collection.  

In case Optometry is your true calling and you wish to shine as a qualified optometrist and serve your patients quality care using AI and electronic healthcare systems you can pursue b.opt courses form any institutes near you.     

  1. Adapting to the change   

Despite this change being valuable, it is important for ODs to understand how AI will be changing the traditional models set for “professional-patient” relationships, how benefitting it will be and educate their patients on the same. Although there have been issues raised on the management of patient’s medical data and disclosure of the same, AI has proven itself to be safe and exposed complete non-disclosure of patient’s data if used correctly. 

That being said, AI has been successful in making valuable alterations to communication and patient education in all spheres of healthcare, especially Optometry.  Patients, today, are much more comfortable in making use of technology to gather essential information from their medical reports and address queries, if any. 

All-in-all, AI if used accurately can be significantly useful and can take Optometry ahead, offering quality diagnosis and treatment to the patients. In case you too want to build a career in this field, consider pursuing b.opt courses from a leading Optometry college near you.   

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