Top 5 things that You Need to Know About UX and UI Design

Posted by Sudha Solutions on March 13th, 2021

The process of website designing is quite complicated and take lots of time and concentration. The complication increases if you don't have the basic idea of UX/UI design. Therefore to make the entire process easy and straightforward, I have enlisted the top 5 things you need to know about UX/UI design. You can also take help from the best design studios in India. 

  1. UX and UI are not the same things. 

You might write the abbreviation of User Experience(UX) and User Interface(UI), but they have a completely different function. Chances are you have made this mistake!! It is very important to comprehend the differentiation between these two. You might be amazed that the user interface or UI is part of the UX. Generally, the User experience entirely concentrates on the usability, functionality, simplicity, clarity of the product. On the other hand, the User interface is typically the visual effect of the user experience's product and service. UI focus on the appearance of the website or the application. You can always ask for help from the best design studios in India.

  1.      Don't consider yourself as the targeted audience. 

 The biggest mistake most designers, innovators, and entrepreneurs think is the potential customer will like what they like. In Psychological term for this tendency is claimed as a false-consensus effect. In this effect, people start assuming that the audience will share the same interest and belief in a provided context. Hence you have to avoid it because some people have not ended up on a good page. Every people have their thought process, mindset, opinion, mental models and goal, which is entirely different from yours. 

  1.       UX should become a Mindset, not just a simple procedure.

 The needles of the clock are continually moving, and you have a strict deadline that you won't be able to miss. The deadline problem is quite a common issue that doesn't give enough priority to the User experience. You have to comprehend whether your company understand the meaning of the UX. User Experience is a mindset and not just a process. You have to prepare a website with the best Superior experience in the mind of the customer. You can always ask for help from the best design studios in India.

  1.      UI may seem like a Poor joke- but it doesn't end well when you explain it.

If you have a habit of placing Poor Joke, you might have a walk through the situation when you have cracked a joke, and nobody understood, and you have to make them know. Similarly, the user interface is not a funny concept. If you have to explain the design and the reason for your design's choice, you have to reject it. 

  1.      Every page should be accessible at least within three clicks. 

Ok, now this fact is a partial truth. It is partially true because not all information on the website is accessible with few clicks. For example, a visitor cannot get all the company information with just one or two clicks. They will like to dig around and learn more about the company. You can always ask for help from the best design studios in India.


 Hopefully, this article has increased your confidence regarding the UX or UI design. Now you can try to make your website for the business, and In case you want to ignore any mistake or error, you can take digital help from one of the best UX agencies in Mumbai, that is Sudha solution. Sudha solution has the best professional hands in this field. You can learn more by visiting their website, which is They are also enumerated in the list of best UI UX agency in India.

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