Elevators at 4 World Trade Center Use State-of-the-Art Technology

Posted by fifaplay on April 1st, 2015

The Buy Elevator at 4 World Trade Center use cutting-edge technology to get people to their destinations quickly and save energy.

The building has 37 custom elevators, including three service elevators that travel to high levels. The high-rise elevators are some of the fastest in the world, able to reach top speeds of up to 1,800 feet per minute. The tower also includes two custom hydraulic elevators, two geared service elevators, and six escalators to carry passengers to two retail areas that serve the building.

Thirty-four elevators utilize a destination dispatch system to transport people efficiently. Destination dispatch technology uses a two-way communication interface to optimize traffic flow in the building. Passengers use pre-programmed access cards or a touch screen to tell the elevator their destination. The system directs them to an elevator that is taking other passengers to that floor so they can get to their destination in the shortest amount of time possible and use the least amount of energy.

The high-rise elevators use highly efficient frequency-controlled motors and regenerative drives that use up to 35 percent less energy than standard drives and return energy to the building’s electrical system. That energy can be used to power lighting, air conditioning, or other equipment in the building. The drives also produce less heat, which reduces the cost to cool the machine room.

4 World Trade Center is an LEED Gold certified building. All of the tower’s energy is derived from renewable sources, including wind, solar, and hydroelectric. Rain water collection and low-flow fixtures reduce water usage by 30 percent. The building uses 20 percent less energy than a typical office building because of its high-performance elevators and heating and cooling systems. The building has insulated, full-height windows that reduce air conditioning and lighting needs. Recycled and sustainably harvested materials are used throughout the building.

The 72-story, 977-foot tower includes 2.4 million square feet of leasable office and retail space. The building opened in Downtown Manhattan in November 2013. It has access to the new WTC transportation hub that connects the new PATH terminal, 11 NYC Transit subway lines, the new Fulton Street Transit Center, the World Financial Center, Lawn Aerator and the ferry terminal.

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