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Posted by GoWowToys on April 1st, 2015

To some parents, toys are just clutter that kids use to pass time. But toys can be beneficial in the development of your kids, especially during the early years. They can help them improve cognitive and motor skills, and some toys are geared to help children with their social and emotional development. Here are some tips to help you choose the right toys or plan the right games for your children:

  • Look for toys that are “open-ended”. Some toys only require your kids to repeat an activity, like placing a donut-shaped plastic onto a stick. Why not opt for blocks? They not only help with your child’s motor skills, they are also great for boosting their imagination. You can buy less expensive plastic blocks, or more classic wooden blocks.
  • Choose toys that can encourage exploration. Aside from blocks, play dough or puzzles are another a good option. They make playtime an excellent chance for parents and kids to bond.
  • Buy toys for interaction. If you have an older child who is already interacting with other kids, why not get them what other kids have? Perhaps you can buy your child a popular action figure so they can play with other kids who have the same one. You can also try a tea set so your child can host pretend tea parties. Shared playtime is very important in the development of social and emotional skills.
  • Select activities. There are toys that allow  customization--for example a washable doll that can be colored. You can even buy a Spirograph to unleash your child’s artistic side.
  • Find toys that are “real”. Your child probably watched you cook before and has become curious about it. So why not buy them a cooking set?

Don’t forget that parents can also use toys to their advantage. Is your child not too fond of bathtime? There are many bath and water toys that can make taking a bath really fun. You may have a hard time getting them out!

From time to time, you can let your child choose the toy that they want. But if they are already at the stage where they just grab the first thing they see, then it’s best not to bring them to a physical toy store. Luckily, there are now online stores just for toys. Some even offer customer service to give advice on what kind of toy you should buy for your child. You don’t want your kids to be disappointed with what they will receive, so make sure the online shop has a return policy.

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