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Posted by Richard12 on April 1st, 2015

There are many addicting games coming online. Most of the teenagers are involved in this game and get out some game to get the feel of the brand.

If you want to play bloody games it can be also played online. There are tons of games available and new games are launching every week.

Blood games involve the most life giving bodily fluid.  This game is not meant for those who are weak at heart. The game includes stabbing and good splattering of the steamy and red fluid juice.

Some of the categories of games played are

There are many games such as, Ninja, Sniper, Vampire, Halloween, Shooting, Horror, Pirate, Sword, Gun etc.  Games which are deadly are sometimes very harmful to the youngsters and the parents would not like to encourage them to go ahead with such games. To know about the games you can log on to  http://bloodygames.info

World of Warcraft is another game, in this the race requires an expansion in order to get the blood elf on. The blood elf is an expansion race from the burning crusade expansion. The best part is that there is a resurrection stone besides the killing of the members.

In another game ‘Sim Girls V4’ when your main aim is to find your loving partner in 100 days, but in the process of meeting you have to meet certain objectives like charm, intelligence and strength. Amongst these the strength plays an important role which helps to increase your money earning potential and fight against bloody king rewards you with good amount of money.

The hunter game is an all damage board based game. Whenever there is a birthday party or late night party and if you need to make it more thrilling then children prefer playing some scary games such as Bloody Mary. Some of the games are exciting and makes lasting memories.

‘There are no bears out tonight’, is a new game which can be played outside that can produce more frightening effect. This game is like a hide and seeks game where you need to search the bear. In the end the bear comes out and tags one of the searching players who then happen to become the bear. Finally the game comes to an end when all the players are tagged to become the bear.

There are some games which are very violent and can easily affect the children in their day to day life.  The child’s age plays an important role while playing the game. Younger children are still not able to distinguish the fantasy of the video bloody game or from the real life which will obviously make the game a gore game or a scary game for the kids.

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