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Posted by SharonEvans on April 1st, 2015

There is no better option you can turn to for a great floor than natural wood. The warmth of the colors and the unique fibers that go through it will contribute to the unique design you were going for. There are a few drawbacks you have to consider when you install a natural wood floor, but you can find a solution that will eliminate all the problems.

Solid wood floors are can be the subject of deformation over time and they are also very easy to scratch. If you will add the high cost of the materials and installation, you will find that this is a costly option to get the look you were going for. If you want to trim some of those issues, you should turn to timbernate floors in your home instead.

Most people are used to laminate flooring as a solution to cover the floors in their home. This happens because they are scratch resistant, they are fairly cheap and they are easy to install as well. Timbernate is going to offer all these perks as well, but it will provide a natural wood look, yet it will not be subject to deformation or scratching either.

Instead of using printed paper underneath the top coats of varnish, timbernate uses a natural wood veneer that will be unique with every board. Thanks to the coating that will go on top of the timber, it will resist scratches even when you move furniture around. The high density fiber used under the timber will protect it from indentation over time.

If you are looking for the best option you can use to bring a natural wood floor look in your home, this is the solution that will meet your demands. But the inside of your home is not the only place where you are going to the natural look. Outside structures are the same and you can start with pergola kits that will stick to the same principles.

Pergola kits offer the best solution you can use when you want to build a new structure with your own hands. Even if you have limited technical skills, pergola kits will make the job very easy for you. All you will need to do is join all the pieces together like a puzzle and you will get the job done a lot sooner than you have ever imagined.

Thanks to the pergola kits you will be able to use the materials you prefer outside as well, but you will also have the option to surround yourself with a natural look. Climbing plants are commonly used all around the structure and this is going to offer a more comfortable sitting area and shade during the summer. If you want to find the best items you can use in your home, the first site you should visit so you can get the job done is narellanhomeimprovement.com.au.

Timbernate is one of the first options you have to consider when you want to use natural wood for your floors, but with none of the drawbacks. If you are looking for a similar option for outdoor space, pergola kits are the answers for this. The site named before can provide all the products you need so you can improve your home as you see fit.

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