The Wedding Crasher: Dealing With The Drama

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 27th, 2010

No wedding ever goes perfect there is always some kind of setback, whether that is the bride or groom arriving at the church or the registry office late, the cake falling and smashing, the flowers not arriving, the best man having to cancel at the last minute or worst of all the wedding crasher!!! Wedding crashers can?t be avoided, they either mess up your ceremony or they attack at the reception either way it certainly does add a bit of uniqueness to you wedding!

Your wedding is going great, you have said your I do?s, the best man goes to get your rings, you place them on each others fingers then all of a sudden someone bursts in and starts proclaiming that you should not be married, of course this person is blind drunk and does not have a clue as to what he or she is saying but the wedding has been spoilt and worst of all they didn?t wait until the reception!

Wedding crashers are all unique, they all have their own special way to ruin some ones special day, they may be someone you know or some complete stranger but the fact of the matter is they still come in and try to ruin the most special day of your life which I think is extremely selfish, rude and disrespectful. Your wedding is supposed to be a marvellous day and not torn apart by some mad person wanting to get a quick high.

The wedding crasher may just be someone playing a silly joke and the bride or the groom at the reception, or indeed may not be someone at the wedding at all, he or she maybe someone that you really depended on to be there and they didn?t come and you were left short. A wedding crasher is not always someone who deliberately messes up your wedding, it is sometimes accidental but in the end it is not reversible!

Your wedding should be one of the best days of your life and enjoyed to the fullest, when it is crashed this cannot happen and all the effort of planning and carrying out of the wedding is somewhat a little disappointing as you tried so hard to have the perfect day and it was still ruined, but when this happens the main thing you have to remember is that you are still getting married and going to spend the rest of your days together, holding each other and sharing these fond and funny moments.

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