Rejuvenate Your Personality with Botox Treatment for Face

Posted by dunitzsantrino on April 2nd, 2015

A thing of beauty is a joy forever happens to be an axiom and it definitely holds good from the time man learned to appreciate beauty. Of course if, the concept of beauty is related through mind it holds true else beauty is just skin deep. A lot many practical methods, surgical and cosmetic, are available to make the skin, especially on the face look really toned and tight just like when one was on the brink of youth. Botox treatment for face is one such cosmetic technique that helps rejuvenate the facial features like those in the glory days when one was in the pink of health.

Botox is a basically a neurotoxin protein produced by a bacterium called the Clostridium Botulinum and had been under research from the 80s. But it wasn't until successful clinical trials by the year 2002 that, Botox was approved as a non-surgical drug for cosmetic enhancement albeit with a caveat due to its neurotoxic nature. Botox being a neurotoxin protein targets the muscles relaxing it where it is injected on the face thus lowering the nervous activity around the area or simple words paralyzing the facial muscles. The Botox effect may take effect in a couple of days or even a fortnight and its effect last for a couple of months to even a year varying from person to person.

Botox being a special drug or rather a neurotoxin protein requires adequate care and trained medical professionals to administer Botox injection and hence, bit expensive. Botox treatment cost is usually calculated on the basis of units administered or the area treated. In other words the total cost for a particular treatment is calculated based upon the number of units administered to a specific area of the face. Each administered unit costs between $10 to $20 on an average and the specific facial area might be injected with at least 30 units pumping up the costs to around $600.

Although Botox treatment for face has very much visible effect that quickly catches the eye, it has its own share of side effects. Being a neurotoxin protein produced by bacteria it can affect or the effect can be spread to a different part of the body causing a serious health aftermath. So it is highly advised that the treatment be undertaken at a clinic specializing in doing Botox treatment for the facial features enhancement. Leaving the Botox treatment cost, it definitely provides easy and less painful results quickly transforming to the wow factor from fellow admirers. With more than a decade of advancement in the technique of Botox treatment when it was first introduced, folks are now finding reasons to enjoy their rejuvenated youthful looks and feel special.

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