Benefits of School Bus Tracking Software

Posted by Aaeesha on April 2nd, 2015

Transporting children to and from school involves a great deal of responsibility. School children safety can be assured by using the school bus tracking software. These software’s are truly web based solution for school transportation management. They are uniquely designed to manage the total bus transportation process, including route, rider, driver, vehicle / contract, mileage, calendar, bus activity, map information etc. without the need to purchase any additional software. They help in developing bus routes for optimum time and cost savings and also to increase overall efficiency in routing and scheduling.

School bus tracking GPS systemis a convenient system that can be accessed through your personal computer or mobile phone as it has web application as well as a mobile application.The software takes care of routing the school bus, identify misused vehicles, unauthorized trips or entry into areas that the vehicles are not permitted. Time and energy is saved by this system along with rerouting and rescheduling whenever an issue arises. They are one solution that emphasizes accuracy, efficiency and safety.With the help of school bus tracking software the parents can keep live information about their children reaching school or home safely.

There are many mobile applications and the software’s that are available that provides these tracking benefits.In this modern smartphone app world, it is logical and sensible to make use of the newly launched apps and the software’s for school bus tracking and to keep the parents stress free regarding the safety of their children. Parents previously received alerts via conventional cell phones but with smartphones, it is possible to track buses' progress as well. The school bus GPS tracking system displays the bus location and path points on the maps. It gives the real time location of your child when they are travelling to or from school. One of the biggest plus point about this system is that it provides a comparison of actual data with planned data so as to improve efficiency. They are specifically designed to meet the challenges of school transportation.

Some of its benefits of School bus tracking software are:
•Determine where and when children were dropped off
•Enhance passenger safety
•Analyze planned versus actual loads
•Can help find a lost bus
•SMS alerts to parents when pick up and drop off
•Can provide information such as speed of the bus, distance travelled
•Reduce maintenance expenditures, control cost by reducing fuel usage
•Stores retrievable data
•Dealing with unforeseen situations
•Plan, Monitor, and optimize routes to ensure on-time arrivals

It is a very much growing industry and hence now a days School bus GPS tracking system has been increasingly used by schools to ensure the safety and security of the children and also to improve the efficiency and accountability of vehicles and drivers during transit.

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