The Value of Working with a Michigan Staffing Company

Posted by malacehr on April 2nd, 2015

Looking for quality workers for your automotive, manufacturing or other business in Michigan but simply don't have the time to properly vet them all? This is where a staffing company comes in. As a hiring manager or human resources manager, you can partner with a staffing firm to fill open seats in your company, whether you need a temporary worker for a short period of time or a full-time employee for the long haul. Check out these benefits to working with a staffing agency like Malace HR:

Save Cash

You may feel like you can't afford the fee that staffing agencies charge for the work they do. But truth is, this fee is nominal in comparison with the money you'd spend in-house trying to locate, recruit and train the appropriate candidates. You don't have to shell out cash for expensive ads on job boards and you don't have to bother with costly pre-screening assessments like competency tests, drug screenings and background checks, points out

Don't Waste Time

Sure, many employees, when leaving a position, will give you the requisite two weeks' notice. However, there are some that leave abruptly, or that you have to fire, and those positions must be filled quickly. You can't afford the loss in production or down time that will occur with that slot being vacant for too long. The employees who remain will have to take on that workload and won't look too kindly on that, especially if they're not being compensated. As a result, it's wise to have a staffing agency in your corner ready to go with qualified, temporary, pre-screened candidates who can show up the same day ready for work.

Concentrate on More Important Things

You have better things to do with your time as the owner or manager of a Michigan engineering or automotive firm, and don't have time or energy to devote to the stressful task of hiring the perfect employee. You may have a human resources department that's already over-taxed with payroll and benefits duties, and they simply don't have the extra resources to commit to the hiring aspect of the job. It takes a lot of time to go through the many resumes that come in just to find a few unique applicants that may fit the bill. You need a professional who has the time to do this carefully, with an eye for spotting the specialized skills you're after. Your job begins when the staffing agency sends you a few qualified applicants and you just have to choose the best match for your company. You already know they're qualified; at this point, it's a matter of personality and determination.

There is a big value to working with a staffing firms in Michigan, particularly in the burgeoning automotive industry that's starting to make a real come back. Be ready to hire the best of the best when you need them, with minimal stress on your part.

About the Company:

Malace HR is a business staffing agency in United States offering the right jobs to the right candidates and recruiting for industries including automotive, manufacturing, logistics and engineering. They provide staffing services in two ways comprising, contract-to-hire and direct-hire. They connect the talented job seekers with real career opportunities. They expertise in the industry background and thus they successfully unite corporations and highly competent candidates.

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