Compliance issue with horsebox manufacturers and luxury horseboxes features

Posted by alisonreid29 on April 2nd, 2015

Transporting your horses can be quite a hassle when you are unable to get the right luxury horseboxes. There are many horsebox manufacturers around the town but how do you know which one is the most suitable for you. Here, we have tried to make a small compilation of the things to watch out for while contacting a manufacturer and then finally purchasing a horsebox. The manufacturers who specialize in designing these horseboxes do so following a number of guidelines Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) and Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency (AHVLA). There are a number of facilities available in these horseboxes which are beneficial for transporting horses from one place to another. Comfort, road safety, safety and health of the equine animals and government regulations – all these have to be kept in mind to manufacture a horsebox.

What the horsebox manufacturers need to keep in mind?

They design three types of horseboxes – ones which offer simple grooming space for the horse, the second category belongs to luxury horseboxes with special arrangements made for keeping and transporting the horses and the third category consists of an amalgamation of some of the features of both of the above variations. All these kinds of horseboxes are comfortable and ensure that your horses feel absolutely safe and secure as soon as they walk the ramp, which by all chances is also padded. Competence is also a factor that needs to be kept in mind while handling a horsebox. Certificate of competence needs to be complied with by the driver or the operator - Certificate of Competence (Coffs), this is the certificate required for handling and transportation of horses, Driver CPC which takes care of professional driving standards and Transport Manager’s or operator’s certificate for transport operations.

What do you get inside luxury horseboxes?

The living spaces inside the luxury horseboxes have been designed keeping in mind the regulations imposed by the authorities as far as headroom and leg space is concerned. The door can be locked from outside as well as from the horse area. The upholstery has been done in a button back manner so that there are no issues dealing with them in the presence of the horses. Apart from that amenities can be included inside the living space according to your convenience, or should we say, the convenience of the horses? You can expect fridge, sink, hob, wardrobe and table as general facilities.

Horsebox manufacturers also need to keep in mind the fact that some equestrian professionals may also need luxurious arrangements. Luxury horseboxes are also available for that purpose with facilities such as central heating, microwaves, generators, shower facilities, oven etc. In addition to this certain other facilities can also be included as per your requirement and budget.

Welfare of horses during transport is something that is taken very seriously by the UK animal welfare societies and hence it is the duty of the horsebox manufacturers to comply by the regulations to be able to conduct safe business. Considerations such as operator licensing, drivers hours and tachographs, vehicle weights, roadworthiness, certificates of competence, other requirements and law enforcement – need to be kept in perspective before getting into the business of manufacturing luxury horseboxes.

Luxury horseboxes are manufactured by competent horsebox manufacturers that can be found online.

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