Luxury horseboxes: Safety and comfort for your equestrian pursuit

Posted by alisonreid29 on April 2nd, 2015

Horseboxes refer to adapted motorised vehicles used to carry horses. Most of these also offer human accommodation for the trainer and are the most convenient option to travel in between competitions. These horse trailers have evolved from a need to carry horses in comfort for events like show jumping or any other purpose. A lot of research has gone into the designing of the box like safety factors or the direction the horses should face when the vehicle is in motion so as to cause them no discomfort. Luxury horseboxes vary in size and weight depending upon the number of horses to be carried. Each country has a set legal limit to the gross weight of these vehicles that must be complied with.

Some luxury horseboxes have an angled ramp at the rear for easy movement of your horse while others have floors of low height with a structure to get off instead of ramps. Since it is necessary for you to be able to access your horses from your living area of the vehicle a doorway or a small hatch is provided. Horses can be lodged in the vehicle facing forward or even diagonally. Sideway facing stalls are not recommended since they put a strain on the horse during sudden braking or acceleration. Also, sufficient headroom and space for their movement inside the horseboxes is desirable.

Family-run firms manufacturing horseboxes have many years of expertise in the business and are thus able to advise you on the design and chassis best suited to your requirements. Their experience in the field turn your concepts to reality. Apart from economy models, they have a number of luxury horseboxes made for your benefit. An economy model can at any time be upgraded to a luxury one since most of their work is done on campus. For luxury living in a horsebox you can expect soft Italian leather sofas and well matched cab seats, microwave ovens, smoked glass topping on sinks and hobs, cutlery drawers, creative blinds on the windows, a large fridge with freezer, central heating and a number of storage covers to name a few.

A designer shower room and electric flushing toilets, TV, elegant vanity units, button back upholstery and boot cupboards are some more comforts to tempt you in luxury horseboxes. You can also expect a horse hose and an airy bright horse area. Faultless air suspensions take care to reduce bumps on the road and add to your horses’ travelling comfort. You are sure to find horseboxes being used at various venues and equestrian centres by both established and rising horse riders as they all appreciate the convenience of such a travelling mode.

Horseboxes are designed keeping your horse and its measurements in mind. A standard fitting comes with a water locker with a cold tap and hose. Most established firms tailor-make luxury horseboxes to suit you and your horses as they are well aware that all horses have different sizes and requirements. Adjustable and padded partitions help you carry from two to six horses in cosy comfort and safety. So, do contact them and engage their service to make you a dream horsebox.

Rugs and rubber floor matting make your horses comfortable in horseboxes. Luxury horseboxes have CCTV to monitor the movement of your horses

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