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Posted by sportscorner on April 3rd, 2015

A lot of people often confuse sports as only for men. Many sporting brands cater mostly to men. But not Reebok. Established in 1895, under the company name J.W. Foster and Sons, the athletic apparel and footwear company has always had an active role in making sure women have their fair share when it comes to sports. Perhaps, because the company has always been known as an innovator.

By 1982, the company had been renamed “Reebok” after a type of African Antelope. But its desire to innovate, as well as include women in the process, did not waver. That same year, the “Reebok Freestyle” was born. The aerobics shoe, was the first athletics shoe that was solely designed for women. The succeeding year Reebok’s sales skyrocketed by million. From then on, Reebok diversified its products from footwear to apparel and other sporting equipment, without abandoning its cause to make sure women had a niche in sports. Today, Sports Corner is one of the many worldwide partners of Reebok in its cause. Sports Corner carries Reebok products for women like the Reebok Sports Essential Water Bottle, Reebok 3x2 Women’s Inside Socks, and Reebok Sports Essentials Badge Cap.

Reebok and Sports Corner is aware that women can also be prone to the pitfalls of training and workouts. Hydration, in particular, can make or break not only your workout, but especially your body. Unfortunately, while in the middle of an intense workout or sporting activity, people have a tendency to underestimate the importance of hydration—until it’s too late. When dehydration creeps in, expect more than the cramps or a headache. Severely dehydrated athletes can experience disorientation, collapse or go into a coma. Death is always a possibility as dehydration zaps much-needed electrolytes and minerals to the body. Female athletes and sports enthusiasts should carry the Reebok Sports Essential Water Bottle to keep them hydrated. The water bottle, which comes in 500ml and 750ml variants, is made of 100 percent plastic to make sure that no unsavory chemicals blend with the bottle’s contents. The plastic makes for a sturdy and clear design for storing either water or your favorite sports drinks.

In sports and other rigorous activities, the feet can really take a beating. More often than not, men as well as women think about shoes when it comes to foot protection. However, beyond the proper shoes, socks also play an important part in preventing injury and keep one’s feet comfortable. The right socks give extra stabilization and allows the foot to “breathe.” Sports Corner carries the Reebok 3x2 Women’s Inside Socks. These inside socks are more than a fashion statement, its low-cut style adds greater mobility for the wearer. The socks ribbed cuff improves padding and stability. The Reebok socks are also made to be more hygienic. Reebok’s unique PlayDry technology draws off the sweat to help keep the foot dry, while the vent and back mesh of the socks provides further breathability.  

Caps have become a staple for active women. For practical reasons, caps can hold back their hair as they strive to get their best foot forward. However, caps can also protect a wearer’s head from the heat of the sun during a jog or any intense activity. Such is the Reebok Sports Essentials Badge Cap for Women. Beyond protection from the elements, the cap is design to be more breathable for the wearer. It also has and adjustable clasp at the back for a more comfortable fit.  

These Reebok active wear is available in Sports Corner stores nationwide. Sports Corner also carries Reebok shoes and apparel for men as well as children. Check out the nearest Sports Corner store near you.  

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