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Speedo has always been synonymous with swimwear and swim-related accessories. It has been instrumental in helping athletes make their mark both in local and international swimming competitions. However, Speedo also provides quality swim apparel and products for casual swimmers as well. As the weather finally heats up, signaling the start of summer it may be best to visit your nearest Sports Corner store to check on the following Speedo products that you may use when before you hit the water.

For swimmers who want to take the sport seriously, they may wish to check out Speedo’s nose clip. The adjustable clips are lightweight and durable. It is perfectly shaped to fit the contours of a swimmer’s nose bridge and has pads for added comfort. The nose clip is ideal for swimmers who want to take their swim speed to the next level without worrying about having trouble breathing against the rush of water.

While on the subject of competitive swimmers, they may want to check out Speedo’s Silicone cap. The swim cap is ergonomically designed for a more comfortable and secure fit. For swimmers who wish to shave off some time from their swim records, the swim cap’s smooth 100 percent silicone structure makes it hydrodynamic.  

“Swimmers ear” is not just for athletes, but for casual swimmers. Especially kids, as well.Swimmer’s ear is an infection of the outer layer of the ear canal. It is often caused by water that gets stuck in the ear after swimming. When this happens, the outer ear canal becomes moist and bacteria accumulates. This can cause a lot of discomfort. So before hitting the water, make sure to bring Speedo’s Aquatic Earplugs. The earplugs feature Speedo’s BioFUSE technology. The state-of-the-art technology aims to promote products that when used by the wearer, is not only comfortable but perfectly syncs with the body. Speedo’s Aquatic Earplug is one of the products that uses such unique technology. It is ergonomically designed for effortless insertion and removal. It also has multiple flanges to improve seal. Speedo’s Aquatic Earplugs provides maximum comfort. 

When you’re finally well protected, then it is time to focus on increasing your stamina and strength while also having fun. Speedo has training aids that can help you make the most of your time in the water. Speedo’s kickboard is one of them. Made from a sturdy but lightweight material, the kickboard is designed to tone and target the lower part of your body. It can improve kick technique and leg strength. Grip holes provide better grip and allows you to train using multiple positions. The kickboard is also contoured to ensure extra comfort for the user.  

Either than the mentioned products, Sports Corner also carries Speedo swimwear for men, women and children and other accessories like swim googles to protect your eyes, swim towels to effectively dry off after a swim and unique products like an aqua dumbbell for your water-based training regimen.

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