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Posted by goldsafe21 on April 3rd, 2015

Swtor Bioware has announced that 3.2 PTS is shortly taken down for a small bug fix patch. As of theis update, the armor weight restrictions for the Outfit Designer will be removed. And class changes will be brought in next week.

Armor restrictions are removed as of ceasing PTS

Due to issues that were discovered in testing, Swtor PTS will be brought out of the build, and the next build are ready and will be available on Wednesday morning. As of this update, the armor weight restrictions for the Outfit Designer (Outfit Designer is a unique tool that allows you to create outfits made up of your favorite equipment, and switch between them at any time.) will be removed. So buy cheapest swtor credits to customize your characters. Besides, it is leaked that class changes will be updated later this week.

Will class restrictions remain?

Currently, the orange gear under Light, Medium and Heavy is Trooper-only, and lots of orange gear is unusable on companions. In spite of that, this is a change for the image designer only currently. OD doesn’t affect companions, so it's not going to have any impact on how you gear companions.

Actually, there is nothing hard to understand. It is hard for the devs to build this thing with companion, weapon, and alternate gear swaps. Star Wars: The Old Republic 3.2 PTS are taken down so harshly, and they even don’t have time to make a nebulous plan for the future. But fortunately, we finally get a wardrobe system and can be able to handle cosmetics.

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