What does SAS Training Involve?

Posted by dunitzsantrino on April 3rd, 2015

SAS is an abbreviation for Statistical Analysis System. It is a software used to solve business analytics and intelligence problems. This software suite has been developed by the SAS Institute. The development of SAS began in the North Carolina State University in 1966. In 1976 the SAS Institute was founded and it took over the further development of the software suite. The software was further developed in the 80s and 90s. Several novel statistical methodologies, additional features were added and JMP was introduced. The point and click interface was incorporated in 2004.

SAS can be used to perform various tasks on huge data sets. It can be used for data mining, analysis, alteration and modification of data and retrieval purposes. SAS has features which are convenient for novice users as well as features which can be used by the expert programmers. The graphical point and click user interface are meant for the beginners while the programming language is meant for experienced programmers.

The SAS training India business is booming currently. SAS is basically a software that runs on your computer. It is classified as a proprietary software. This means if you want to use SAS you have to pay for it. Copyright and trademark laws and regulations state that making or using a pirated version of the software is a crime. SAS also happens to be an integrated software. It implies that whenever one installs the software a number of additional components and software get installed automatically for him or her to use them. The SAS Software Program ensures that one can customize SAS software components by writing one’s own codes. These days SAS training in India is in huge demand. People have started to realize that data science and the importance of SAS in decision making. Data Analytics refers to the procedures and methods used to draw conclusions and find patterns in data.

SAS training India is available in all the major cities of the country. The SAS Institute itself offers several courses for SAS learners. The set of courses which are classified as Bootcamp teach the basics of data analysis. The courses train students with real life industrial problems. The participants acquire a diverse profile and can apply for multiple roles.

The common courses are the bootcamp for data managers, the bootcamp with an emphasis on data mining and statistics, a bootcamp for data integration developers etc. There are numerous other organizations which offer SAS training in India. These courses offer ready-made lecture notes, classroom hours, webinars for industrial interaction, practical assignments, etc. The organization has companies as collaborators and the students get a chance to work on real life projects. They also get a chance to get hired by these very companies.

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