Cork Floor at Homes and Where It Comes From

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In every home, there is always a certain floor which is installed. It’s true that at some point in life, everyone would like to change the kind of floor they have. You might be having carpet which is covered with either pet stains or any other kind of stain. When house carpets or Matts have stains they show wear patterns very easily. Apart from carpet floors, you might be having wooden type of floor which is covered with dents and scratches as well. It does not matter what kind of floor you have but if you not happy with it, you can at any time replace it. This is because if you are not happy with it, it can actually change your home appearance dramatically. In case you are considering a new type of floor, you can always go for cork flooring.

What cork flooring is?

Cork is a material which has been used in different capacities for many years. This is where cork material is also used in flooring. This has been made possible due to cork natural properties which have made it to be best flooring material. Some of the properties which make cork to be perfect flooring materials its sound proof property. It’s durable and can last for long time also.

Where is cork extracted from?

Cork material is usually taken from the back of the cork oak type of tree. Cork is usually harvested after the cork oak tree is 25 years of age. After the first harvest at the trees 25 years, then cork can be harvest after every 9 years for the rest of the cork oak trees life. Cork flooring is very durable and this is because is less affected by friction or impacts as compared to other floors like hardwood. This is why cork floors can always stand up much use and also abuse than other flooring types.

Cork floors on the other hand are known to have high resistance and are much resilient to pressure. This is like for example, when you step on the cork floor with high heels, the floor will not make any dent or impression. With other types of floor or even the carpet, when you remove the furniture, you will always see a permanent mark which they leave.

Cork floors and knee joint pain

Cork floor is important and this is because it can also be used in relieving joint pain. How to relieve Knee joint pain with cork floor is done different and this is because the pain can be caused by a number of factors. These may be the factors like arthritis, gout, and baker cyst and pallegrini-stieda syndrome. Knee joint pain is usually painful and the floor you have at home may be of great influence to it. You can always use cork floors to do a number of exercise to relieve knee joint pain as compared to other floors. This is because cork floor are comfortable any will not cause any fracture to your knee. Cork floors for year are known to be a good solution for those who have different knee joint pain.


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How to relieve joint pain with cork flooring : Cork flooring -  is a good floor which you can always use at your home. It will always give you a perfect finish as long as you follow the few steps in its installation. Apart from these is can be used to heal any knee joint pain which you or your family has.

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