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Minimalist watches, clothes, but also brand logos. Reducing, thinning or simplification is already manifested almost everywhere today. The design direction of minimalism, which totally dominated the world of fashion a few years ago, also had a very significant effect on fashion accessories. Before the onset of this trend, many fashion brands were bothered with the question of how to get as close as possible to the target group of young people. They have long ignored that the needs of their customers are changing and evolving. In the era of smartphones, the need to measure time with minimalist watches women has disappeared and young people have increasingly lost sight of watches as a fashion accessory. Their watches came out of date.

This phenomenon was reflected mainly in the female world. Women want to like it, there is no doubt about that. The boards are nicely dressed and even better, if they are praised for their appearance. However, classic watches from traditional manufacturers did not go well with their new outfit, they were not cool enough and therefore they were not good for a new photo on Instagram. The importance of wearing them was therefore lost in most young ladies. However, for a long time traditional brands could not understand this or even apply it to their business strategy.

Minimalist Watches women: Style and price decide

Traditional watch houses like Tissot, Swatch or Citizen could not jump on the oncoming wave of trendy minimalism. The category of watches for young ladies began to be occupied by newly created brands, which beat traditional brands on all fronts. The fact remains, however, that minimalist watches cannot be able to match the quality of their workmanship with their distant relatives from Switzerland or Japan. Fashionable minimalist watches do not have high-quality Swiss movements, they are not made of first-class materials, nor are they the work of a brand with a 100-year watchmaking tradition. They are often mass-produced in China, and brands in this segment are so similar to each other that they are sometimes very difficult to identify.

However, quality plays no role in this case. At least not for the undemanding female audience, to whom the watch only serves as a supplement to their new outfit. The miraculous deciding factor is their price. However, it goes hand in hand with the mentioned quality, but let's put it off for a while. Thanks to their affordability and understanding of the target group, minimalist watches women have become a phenomenon that will be very difficult to overcome.

It would probably be difficult to find the pioneer of minimalism to whom we could credit the greatest credit for its expansion. However, we can easily identify the biggest popularizer of this direction, which is undoubtedly the Daniel Wellington brand. In our article, in addition to the aforementioned Swedish brand, we will focus on the Rosefield, Cluse and MVMT brands. Despite the slight differences, these brands combine their minimalist design, similar quality, but also affordability. In this article, we will introduce you to the named brands and help you choose suitable minimalist watches from their portfolio.

Daniel Wellington women's watch

At a time when traditional watch companies were struggling with the declining popularity of their products among young people, an unknown brand with the initials DW in its logo appeared like a bolt from the blue. Daniel Wellington watches have become a phenomenon in a very short time, which undoubtedly deserves first place in our list of minimalist brands. They are the work of Swedish businessman Filip Tysander and occupied the newly created market with minimalist watches in 2011. We have already told the story of the origin of the Daniel Wellington brand, full of legends, in one of our articles, but now we will summarize all the facts that ensured this brand a warm place among the most popular minimalist watch for ladies.

CLUSE fine watch

The origin of the brand dates back to 2013 and its products are the work of two talented Dutch people. However, Ed Postmus and Rudyard Bekker were no newcomers to the watch business - on the contrary, since 2009 they have been running an online watch shop called Watch2Day. They used their experience in the watch category and transformed it into an idea to create their own brand of women's watches. Like watch maker Daniel Wellington, they have noticed that traditional watch brands cannot meet the demand for stylish and affordable watches for ladies.

wrist watch

Rosefield minimalist watch

Another brand in our list is the Dutch watch manufacturer Rosefield. However, we will disappoint our readers at the beginning, as we did not manage to gather a sufficient amount of interesting information about this manufacturer from the background of the company itself. So far, unfortunately, we will not find out whether a talented individual or a party of enthusiasts is behind the creation of this brand.

MVMT women's watch

Today, however, we are here primarily because of the women's minimalist watch. In the presentation of the MVMT brand, they really stand out from the crowd. Their design is original and despite the relatively similar portfolio of other minimalist brands, it has something to attract. In the case of the MVMT brand, ladies really have a lot to choose from. They are offered a watch with a leather or metal strap and chronographs presented by the MVMT Nova edition, or a minimalist watch with a leather or shark mesh strap from the Boulevard collection.

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