7 Bad Habits that Affect Your Carís Condition

Posted by servicemycar on March 14th, 2021

Let's face it, there's no 'perfect' driver. No matter how good you think you are, certain aspects of your driving put more strain on your vehicle. You can follow all the maintenance tips in the world, but without appropriate driving, it can all be rendered useless.  

Follow along as we offer tips on how to minimise strain and maximise the output from your car. 


Accelerating over speed bumps 

Most sportscar drivers know to slow down when approaching speed bumps since their car rides low to the ground. On the inverse, SUV drivers like to accelerate despite approaching speed bumps.  

This can affect your vehicle's alignment and add unnecessary strain to your wheels and suspension system. It must be avoided at all costs.  


Improper or 'hard' braking habits  

Improper usage of your brakes can have a list of its own. Whether it's 'riding' the brakes, or hard braking in general, there are so many incorrect braking habits deployed by drivers.  

Such actions result in the overheating of the brakes. You must avoid using the brakes while turning, or in stop-and-go traffic situations to prolong the brake system's life.  


Driving with a low, or nearly empty, fuel tank  

This is a bad idea for multiple reasons. Fuel pumps are located inside the tank and require constant cooling, which is aided mainly by the tank's fuel. Another note to consider is the fact that fuel indicators can be unreliable.  

By adding strain to your vehicle, you put certain parts in danger and run the risk of running out of fuel. 


Dangerous shifting of gears, especially between 'drive' and 'reverse'  

Every action movie to feature car sequences is to blame for this one. We've all attempted to look cool when shifting quickly from drive to reverse, or vice-versa. However, this can severely strain various components in your vehicle.  

The gearbox is built to generate a smooth transition between gears. It can only do so when the car is stopped completely. Shifting gears while the vehicle is in motion could damage essential parts in the transmission module.  


Ignoring your dashboard warning signs 

Your dashboard warning signs light up for a reason. By prolonging the issue, or just ignoring them altogether, you put your car through a lot of strain.  

It's best practice to get your car inspected by a professional mechanic, especially for the issues you're being warned about. 


Maintaining improper tyre pressure 

Your vehicle's only points of contact with the road are the tyres. With improper tyre pressure, you run the risk of uneven tyre wearing. This can cause severe wheel alignment issues in the long run. 

If you follow the tyre pressure guidelines outlined in the owner's manual, you get proper handling, increased fuel efficiency, and a safer driving experience.  


Opting out of routine car maintenance services 

We're all guilty of this. When there's no time to get a routine service done, we simply choose to skip it. However, this can have drastic effects on the vehicle's condition.  

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