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One of the main concerns regarding dental implants when travelling overseas is the length of care according to our foreign patients. Were you aware that dental implants could have up to 75% fewer on the same day than in the United Kingdom in Turkey?

What is the meaning of this DENTAL DAY?

We want to provide an initial detail about dental implants in the same day before you continue with reading. Just the first phase of therapy is subject to 'same-day dental implants.' It does not always mean that the whole process is finished in only one day. It's practically feasible. But dental implants are not a technique "Place the implants and forget." This article refers to the first step, which is finished within 24 hours, of the whole process, the implantation and direct loading of temporary tooth decals.

Treatment of traditional dental implants in Turkey takes between 3 months and 1 year. It usually takes 8 to 10 days for the first stage, and 7 days for the second stage. However, the first step of therapy can be completed in a single 24 hour visit if the patients' jawbone is appropriate. Dental implants on the same day have a high rate of effectiveness, so long as they are inserted by skilled dentists under appropriate conditions (good primary durability of implants, hygienic surgical environment etc.).


We got dental implants from David (53) from the United Kingdom. We also developed a recovery plan for him after we had realised his perceptions of the treatment and the condition of his teeth. His jaw was excessive, so he lost all of his teeth. In the dental implants care package, which hopefully will last between 4-5 years before leaving, we included the remaining teeth with low bone support.

In November, he https://healthcentersturkey.com and his wife visited our clinic in order to receive all-in-8 Dental Implants, which helps us to supply him, following his waiting periods, with an asthetic zirconium bridge. He also choose therapy as he's asleep under sedation. We conducted two separate sedation dental implant procedures. Expected Appropriations:

Day 1: We inserted 8 dental implants in the sedation lower jaw and then we made a denture impression.

Day 2: In less than 24 hours we packed and installed the temporary lower jaw denture.

Day 3: Special day.

Day 4: We put eight dental implants back into the upper jaw under sedation and took the temporary denture impressions.

Day 5: In less than 24 hours we have packed and installed a provisional denture in the upper jaw.

Day 6: Last inspections


Without any complications, David is going to make use of the permanent zirconium bridge kept with the screw at the completion of the 3-month waiting period with his provisional implant-supported protheses.

There are some significant homework during this wait/healing time of 3 months:

We recommend that our patients consume soft food to prevent high tension on their implants during the treatment time as these are now in the process of cure.

Oral hygiene maintenance: Oral hygiene is important in order to avoid potential peri-implantitis, i.e. inflammation of the implant tissues. The temporary prothesis is designed to allow patients to clean without any hassle. Waterflow equipment are excellent instruments for cleaning food trapped in a temporary denture aided by the implant.

Keep our dentists in touch: Please inform our dentists of any irritation and potential pain immediately at WhatsApp. If required, we can change the visiting plan or provide advice.


On his second visit in February David came to our clinic and stayed 1 week. We started to see the cure with an x-ray. The treatment was outstanding and the implants were no bone resorption due to proper operation and good oral hygiene during surgery. The patient had good treatment. In a mere seven days, we finished his highly aesthetic, zirconia-supported implant.

2nd visit appointments schedule:

Day 1: Radiation + Impressions

Free Day 2:

Day 3: Try-in Day 4: Free Zirconia Base Day

Free Day 5

Day 6: Cemeteries Permanent

Day 7: Final inspections

What is the key differentiation of the concentration of imPLANTS and the same day of implantation??

Conventional treatment for dental implants in Turkey:

Step one takes eight to ten days and stage two takes seven days. First phase: Implantation (1st day), removal of stitches (7th day); Impression (7th day); (8th day). Step two: Prints and planning of a bridge backed with permanent metal/zirconia.

•At the completion of the first procedure, a reversible or fixed temporary prothesis may be administered. •Non-resorbable stitches used.

•The first phase of therapy takes place within 24 hours. Same day dental implants (IMMEDIATE IMPLANTATION and IMMEDIATE LOOADING): At the completion of dental implant surgery, impression for temporary dentures is taken.

•Method of hitting. No stitches, hence.

•Demands high standard jaw bone and dental implant key stability.

•A second surgery is not necessary in the second phase as the cure reduction phase can be circumvented.

•At the completion of the first session, fixed temporary dentures.


After extraction, the extraction socket usually requires up to 3 months. However, an electrode may automatically be placed on the socket under appropriate circumstances. Patients would now not have to wait months for their care with dental implants.

•An immediat dental implant insertion must be performed with a stable bone and an appropriate root form. •The bone graft may be needed for your dentist.

In 3 days (immediate loading), crown may be given instead of dentures depending on bone condition. But if bone density is not sufficient, temporary removable dentures will also fill the void.

You will wait for three months for Dental Implant to fuse the jawbone unless the mask is appropriate for immediate loading.

After a CBCT 3D scan, some medical arrangements may be carried out preferably in Turkey for urgent dental implants.

How many times have I been needing for DENTAL IMPLANTS in TURKEY?

Therapy for dental implants can take 3 months or 1 year in Turkey. The only way to schedule you visit Turkey is to call your dentist in Turkey. This time differs with any customer.

Until moving to another country for dentistry to prevent inconvenience we highly suggest to provide a treatment schedule.

Contact us before booking your trip and get a recovery schedule.

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