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Do you suspect a case of computer fraud within your organization, whether it is financial fraud, theft of equipment or a case of industrial espionage? Is your business a victim of identity theft or defamation on the internet?

Your business could lose money. Consult our experts in the online investigation (cyber forensic investigation) to quickly put an end to cybermaids. Thanks to our team, you will discover the author (s) of malicious acts and will obtain admissible electronic evidence in court to have them convicted.

Computer forensics – or litigation support – aims to search, analyze, and preserve electronic evidence relevant to a case, according to precise scientific and legal methods. As such, it supports legal proceedings or allows information to be gathered in the context of an cyber forensic investigation.

FICS’s cyber forensics investigators have highly specialized skills and sophisticated equipment required to identify the best evidence and ensure its admissibility in court. Knowing very well all the rules of legal procedure to be observed, they can act as an expert witness in court and assist the prosecutor in legal proceedings. Other terms used to describe computer forensics: forensics, cyber investigation, computer investigation, digital investigation, computer forensics, network forensics, digital forensics.

What we can do for you

Call on our team of computer investigators to collect and preserve the integrity of electronic evidence that may be received during legal proceedings. We can in particular:

  • Identify the digital evidence relevant to a case
  • Extract the evidence and ensure its integrity
  • Administer electronic evidence
  • Analyze all of the evidence
  • Recover deleted files
  • Establish the succession of events over time
  • Provide digital evidence in support of a civil, penal or criminal case
  • Prepare an expert report
  • Conduct a complete IT investigation (cyber investigation)

Some cases where computer forensics is required

  • Criminal offenses (fraud, extortion, etc.)
  • Anton Piller and Norwich Orders
  • File tampering
  • Labor law investigations
  • Corporate investigations and internal audits
  • Intellectual property and industrial espionage
  • Invasion of privacy and unauthorized disclosure of information
  • Defamation and cyberbullying
  • Computer industrial hacking
  • President fraud
  • Information hacking in business
  • Responding to ransomware
  • Defamation against a company
  • Loss / theft of company information

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