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Posted by ssashirts on April 4th, 2015

The adage, "clothes make the man" rings true not only in everyday fashion, but also in sports, but with a slight alteration. In a world where solidarity and team spirit is key, this saying takes a slightly tweaked form, and it makes an even stronger statement because on many levels, "apparel makes the team." Tailor made team uniforms and apparel is more than style statements. In fact, they are the simplest way to boost the confidence of each member of the team, improve players' morale, and enhance their athletic performance.

How many coaches have you heard say, "wear your uniforms proudly?" We guess all of them. Clearly stating the huge impact team uniforms have on the psychological, mental, and emotional state of a sports team, especially before a big fight. The following are other reasons why you should pay mind to what your players are wearing in the field or on the court:

Athletes play their best when they feel their best. One of the best ways to help players feel best in their skin and feel good about them is by providing them with team apparel that they can be proud to wear. Dressing to impress is one of the most effective boosters of self-confidence and the same is true for players in the field. Self-esteem is one of the major factors of good performance in psychological terms. Custom designing team apparel not only makes the members of your team look like champions, it will also make them feel and think like champions, which is very important in boosting their performance. A team that that looks sharp in their gear will also feel sharp at their game.

Custom team uniforms are not only good for each player's confidence and self-esteem, but for the morale of your entire team. Custom team gear does so much more than make your team look good. Uniforms also transform them into a more cohesive unit. Wearing apparel with shared colours and logos not only help develop the team's identity, but also  have a unique unifying power that builds trust and camaraderie between team players. A piece of custom sportswear or accessory helps an individual player feel like a part of something that is so much bigger. 

Lastly, custom team uniforms build pride, especially as teams represent their school, club, and professional team during away games and professional tournaments. 

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