Tips For Sterling Stairlift Repair in Fairfax and Frederick, VA

Posted by stairliftmedicsmd on March 14th, 2021

The objective of installing a stairlift in one's home is not for the sake of convenience. On the contrary, such a device becomes essential to ensure senior citizens' mobility and ailing family members. Those who are physically disabled and cannot navigate the stairs without help. Sure, a new stairlift is a thing of joy with many curious friends and neighbors eager to try it too. Unfortunately, all mechanical devices are subject to wear and tear, with electrically operated switches failing to work at times too. This is no reason to panic or lose one's hope either. Getting in touch with a seasoned professional becomes imperative at such times, especially when the user requires Harmar stairlift repair in Fairfax and Baltimore, VA at the earliest.

It is important to remember that the list of do's and don'ts associated with this particular brand. Going through the manual carefully is sure to educate one about the essential troubleshooting tips too. The Harmar stairlift does not sport an extensive display or have fault codes displayed. The user needs to recognize the beeps that indicate trouble instead. Moreover, the LED light located in the armrest is sure to indicate the underlying fault by changing color. One would be sure to read the colored signals to decipher the problem associated with faulty or no stairlift operation.

It is advisable to keep the user's manual handy so that the reason for the flashing light is understandable instantly. The most standard way of reading the color of the light is as follows:-

· Green – This indicates that all is well with the stairlift being able to operate normally. The user can hope to ascend or descend as needed when there is a green light on. However, it might be wise to check the rail and remove any obstructions that may stall the lift midway.

· Orange- This is a warning signal indicating that the stairlift is touching a source of obstruction. One may continue to operate it even when there is an orange light by moving it in the opposite direction of the obstacle.

· Flashing Light In Orange- A light that flashes orange and is accompanied by an intermittent beep is a clear indication of the lift having stopped before reaching the station for charging. This is no reason to panic at such an occurrence, however. The right thing to here would be to move the stairlift to the nearest charging station located at both ends of the rail.

A bright red colored light indicates trouble, though. It is necessary to contact the nearest service provider and explain the entire issue in detail. The concerned company would be sure to send a repair technician across and have the problem fixed urgently. While most new stairlifts of reputed brands come with a good warranty for a specified period, it might be essential to enter into a contract with the service provider after that for regular maintenance.

Companies held in esteem for Sterling stairlift repair in Fairfax and Frederick, VA, also stock all parts of stairlifts. The replacement of a damaged part does not interfere with its operation.

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