Importance Of Professional Stairlift Service In Willow Grove and West Chester

Posted by stairliftmedicsmd on March 14th, 2021

A decision to install a good quality stairlift within one's home can help improve life for a senior citizen or ailing individuals. Now they do not have to think twice about navigating the stairs to access rooms on the house's upper floor. One of the things to think about before selecting a stairlift is its durability.

The user would not want to be deprived of the fantastic advantages that this unique device brings. Unfortunately, a stairlift needs to be maintained meticulously to extend its life and functionality. A layperson would not understand the device's working due to a lack of technical knowledge and hands-on training. Contacting a manufacturer or dealer for the annual stairlift service in Willow Grove and West Chester is undoubtedly the best way to ensure its efficiency.

Damage of parts due to constant wear & tear of its components can make the stairlift nonfunctional if nothing is done to correct the situation. Experienced technicians recommend having it maintained as per the guidelines. A skilled professional checks it regularly and attends to the underlying issues that may be too inconsequential to be noticeable. Some of the things that the user needs to do before asking for stairlift services include:-

· Clean the rail on which the stairlift runs meticulously so that there is no hindrance in operation. The seat needs to be wiped with a damp dishcloth or duster along with the track and armrest. This will mitigate the risks of health hazards and cause the lift to remain operational without any glitch. It is essential to turn off the lift before reaching out for the rail or parts to clean it properly.

· It would be beneficial to check all the stairlift moving parts, including the swivel seat, arm, and footrests. The seat should be fixed properly with no indication of wobbling when the user sits on it firmly. A loose seat increases the risk of falls and associated injuries. It is best to ask the service technician to fix it ASAP. The locking mechanism should be smooth and functional too. Having it working correctly ensures the safety of the user. It might be a good idea to lubricate the joints and the seat at least once in 3 to 6 months.

· Using machine oil to keep the rail track smooth with the obstructions obliterated is essential to ensure the stairlift's flawless operation. Trying to lubricate the track with harsh chemicals or detergents is a strict no-no. It might cause the rail to corrode or be subject to abrasions causing it to malfunction ultimately.

· It also makes sense to inspect the screws and bolts and tighten them as and when needed. The track's condition, along with the wheels, needs to be checked for signs of damage. Running the stairlift and taking note of the passage during motion is of paramount importance as well.

Contacting professionals to attend to stairlift repair in Willow Grove and Doylestown helps the user enjoy being mobile with all of their home being accessible.

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