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Posted by wovenplainfg on March 15th, 2021

Washing Outdoor Fabric Banners Outdoor fabric banners are almost the same T/r Fabric as interior banner displays with the exception of them as more durable as they are designed to withstand varying weather conditions. Since they are exposed outdoors, they can easily get soiled most especially in congested urban zones wherein pollution is pretty much common from human and vehicle sources. If your banner can fit into your washing machine, then you can do so as this would be the easiest method to clean it. The rotary washer can do the job better than the agitator kind of washer. You are going to need a whole lot of an aggressive detergent to clean off the heavy dirt and grease. In case your fabric graphic won't fit into a washer, you have to wash it manually. You can do it in a large barrel or just hang it. Brush it with soap and rinse with a water hose.

Whichever way you do, ensure that you got a strong detergent that can clean off all of that dirt. When you're done, hang it to dry. If you would want to use a dryer, you can do so as long as it fits. Take it off when done and don't leave it in the dryer for long to prevent wrinkling of your banner. It's another load of work to iron those wrinkles out, although this can be your best option to eliminate those wrinkles. Washing Dye Sublimated Fabric Banners How about washing dye sublimated fabric banners? How should you wash them? The fabric used with these kinds of displays is made from polyester. With dye sublimation printing, the dyes are permanently embedded in the cloth, so fading won't be much of a problem. Again, you can use a washer if the banner fits. If it's too large, manually wash it by hand and as mentioned above. If you have any other way of washing it by hand, you can do so.

To prevent wrinkling, it is best to hang it dry than using a dryer. Although, you can go with the dryer if you want to. Once dried, you can iron it on low heat to scrape off all unwanted wrinkles. And then you got your fabric banner all looking good as new. Can Fabric Banners Withstand Weather Changes Weather conditions to be concerned with are wind and thunderstorms. So long as the wind is not overwhelmingly violent, without accompanying tornadoes and lightning, the fabric banners should be fine. Those printed through dye sublimation are made of polyester fabric which is pretty tough. If you got your display secured tightly, it can withstand typical storm winds at 40-50 MPH. There won't be much of a problem in such cases since they are designed for outdoor use. Get your own dye sublimated fabric banners at wholesale pricing. A free quote is also available.

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