Dynamics 365 Customer Portal: A Must-Have for Businesses

Posted by CRMJetty on March 15th, 2021

Have you thought about the outcome of a bad customer experience? It can cost your business and even affect the customer base. A research says that 25% of customers will switch the provider after one negative experience. 33% will share their experience in one way or another. 

In the eCommerce era, where every user prefers an online experience, businesses can’t risk letting their users down. And with digitalization, the traditional way of CX and providing support has changed. Customers now prefer to resolve their queries using online guides rather than waiting for a call or a message from the support team. The new era has brought in the need for a self-service experience. And that’s how Dynamics 365 Customer Portal comes into the picture. 

It helps identify client issues and deliver exceptional service.

A Dynamics CRM Customer Portal provides end-users a dedicated space to track and manage their support tickets. It connects them to the knowledge base and other resources. Overall, it bridges the communication gap between end-users and businesses. 

Here are some indicators that help identify whether your business needs to have a customer portal or not.

  • There’s a continuous sharing and exchanging of data and documents
  • You want to provide better support without increasing employees
  • You are planning to provide your users with an automatic ticket generation system so that they can raise and track the status at their convenience
  • You want to give your users the liberty to access their invoices and quotes 
  • You want to let customers schedule and arrange their payments

If there’s a yes to even one of it, you must go for it. In fact, a study shows that 67% of end-users prefer a Dynamics 365 Customer Portal over a human representative. And this demand for improved CX is only going to increase. This is why businesses need to adopt portal solutions.

Let us see what are other reasons to go for a customer portal.

  • Meets User Experience

Portals make it easy for end-users to find the solutions they are looking for. It gives them relevant information such as articles, new launch announcements, FAQs, promotion and update announcements, etc.

And this is how self-service solutions provide a better customer experience, increased brand loyalty, credibility, and customer retention. 

  • Provides Immediate Solution

We know our patience level. We want an immediate solution to our problems. Hence, it is necessary to bring in a portal solution. Because it allows users to access it from any device and round the clock. It curbs the process of going through multiple sales reps to get the answer. 

If you go for Dynamics CRM Portal, you can deliver your end-users with quality, 24-7 support. Your customers won’t have to wait for answers.  

  • Helps Build Community

The concept, “Be a helping hand. Let one support another,” is why you must go for Dynamics 365 Customer Portal. It can lead you to build a strong community for your products where users can help one another. A good community, in turn, will reduce your workload. You won’t have to increase your customer support team. In fact, at one stage, you could be free of 80% of support services. 

Besides, it can help you improve loyalty and brand name. Most customers are in the community for a long time and can even pitch for new features they would like to have. 

An effective solution will enable them to ask questions, suggest ideas, share experiences, and engage with other users.

In a Nutshell

Dynamics CRM Portal provides self-service, relevant information, and exceptional service. It makes it easy for customers to interact with businesses. Along with it, it helps build trust and brand loyalty.

Having a portal is directly proportional to the customer experience, and business success.

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