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Posted by Irenia Diaz on March 15th, 2021

Manpower is one of the most valuable resources of an organization as well as its competitive advantage. An efficient pool of well-skilled, competent, and productive workforce can contribute exponential value to its business productivity depending on the degree of difference of their performance. On contrary, bad hires can be highly detrimental to a company’s smooth functioning and success.

Rather than looking at resume value or referrals the uniqueness of the modern software-based candidate testing tools are creatively developed to measure the core capabilities of candidates in terms of their soft and technical skills and abilities that eventually matter when it comes to one’s performance. The objective of organizing the tests facilitates identifying how efficiently a new employee is likely to perform on a specific job role. According to the surveys, companies that carry out automated pre-employment tests are 80% more likely to save time and cost related to the selection process and equally can reduce employee turnover rate in a greater possible way.

Reasons that Employers Use Candidate Testing

The trend of using software-based candidate testing tools is increasing remarkably among small businesses, corporate HRs, and recruiters than ever before. Following are some of the primary reasons why organizations are bringing automation into the recruitment process.

•    As experienced, the largest part of applicants want to make a powerful impression to employers and that inspires them to provide information related to their skills, experiences, and achievements in the resumes exaggeratedly to add higher value to their resume and credentials for performing the job.

•    Pre-assessment tests are created taking into consideration the traditional recruitment method and retention case studies. Candidate testing through skills tests specifies how closely a potential applicant will match your hiring requirements and thereby reduce the possible change of wrong decisions and contribute to quality hiring.

•    The susceptibility of human brains to unconscious-biases often leads to flawed hiring decisions while depriving the company of getting a worthy candidate. The tools determine the skills and abilities of a candidate to perform in the job role successfully and accordingly identify the genuine performers based on their scoring results in the test and eliminate risks of bad hires.    

Advantages of Assessment Tests

So far it has been discussed how automated pre-assessment tests improve the likelihood of new hires in their position. It helps a business to streamline the whole hiring process seamlessly synchronized with its desired business goals and culture. The tool comes with a series of advantageous points that businesses can derive by adopting the technology.

•    Streamlined recruitment process save the huge amount of money and time prevalent in traditional hiring;

•    Increases employee satisfaction, retention rate, team morale, and contributing to higher business productivity;  

•    Reduce the negative cost due to wrong hiring causing an increased turnover.

•    Enhances legal defensibility of a company’s hiring process;

•    Higher retention rate and smooth business functioning helps enterprises to provide uninterrupted customer services and stay ahead in the competition;

•    Bottom line is – maximized ROI.


•    High-quality tools for candidate testing are engineered enabling businesses to customize their skill test document (both soft and technical skill) according to the job role of the potential candidate.

•    Being accessible for 365X24X7 hours, using the tool helps you to prepare the document for skill test, access to the skill test results as well as invite candidates to go through the test procedure from anywhere of the globe at any given hour;

•    In preparation of the text document, it takes merely a few minutes and can be carried out just by clicking;   

•    Helps access to the global pool of talents;

•    The automated test procedure persuades top talents while enhancing your company image;

•    Candidates are allowed to take the test through their social sites like LinkedIn, which automatically authenticate a candidate’s profile.  

•    Compatible to ATS

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