Where to find natural health and hygiene product in Canada

Posted by Digital_Zone on March 15th, 2021

Though they’ve always been popular, over recent years we have witnessed an explosion in the use of natural health and hygiene products across the world.

This is largely thanks to a movement back towards more traditional remedies as people look to avoid products with chemicals in them – but don’t underestimate the power of traditional medicines and health products, many of which having been mainstays for generations for good reason.

So where is the best place to buy safe hygiene products in Canada?

Why use natural health and hygiene products?
Health wise, using completely natural products is a very attractive idea for many people. Natural products are, of course, completely natural and don’t place you at risk to laboratory-developed, perhaps unsafe substances.

Natural products also have far less of an environmental impact, largely thanks to the fact they do not include the many chemicals and additives found in typical products. They also require less machine effort to make, resulting in a lower carbon footprint.

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us that health hygiene should be of the upmost importance in today’s global world – and doing that using natural products helps you to do that in a more sustainable fashion.

Are health products regulated in Canada?
Yes, the Canadian authorities strictly regulate the use of natural health products to ensure their efficacy, but more importantly their safety.

You can also find different supplements – both standard dietary supplements for the average person, but also those aimed at the health and fitness market. These include isotonics (rammed with electrolytes, minerals, and trace elements to boost health) and anti-inflammatory tablets, among other items such as specialist toothbrushes (include eco-friendly versions, such as those made out of bamboo) and other basic hygiene necessities such as soaps, cloths and towels.

Natural Health Products (NHPs), as defined by Health Canada, must be able to be sold over the counter and not solely on a prescription basis. All medical products should include a full list of ingredients and minerals and confirm to regulatory standards to be considered safe. Many medicines and remedies may be age restricted to prevent them falling into the hands of younger people.

Where can I find safe hygiene products in Canada?
One of the best online natural health products stores is Easy Pharma. The site stocks dozens and dozens of different brands and products, including the likes of BeeBagz (eco-friendly beeswax food bags), Genacol, North America Hemp co., and Nutribiotoic among many others.

The store was founded after its creator came to a simple conclusion: getting hold of medicines within Canada could often be a real mission thanks to its vast size and many remote areas. The online store makes it easy and affordable to search for and purchase off-the-counter medicines with delivery nationwide.

There are regular sales on certain products, whilst the site’s French language blog also contains a number of useful tips and recommendations. The rest of the store is also available in both French and English versions, making it accessible to people across the country.

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