Former Banking & Technology Executive turned Cannabis Entrepreneur Giovanti Hump

Posted by Ahsan on March 15th, 2021

Giovanti Humphries leads his entrepreneurial charge out of his Downtown Los Angeles office, the place where he and his organization have called home since 2019. From there he oversees teams responsible for sales, marketing, finance, and distribution. He thinks for the foreseeable future LA will be the light of the US cannabis scene, “Los Angeles from an awareness standpoint is the epicenter of all things cannabis. The amount of influence coming from the LA market can be felt nationwide and even globally.” Giovanti has been in the cannabis space for almost 4 years now even though he grew up in Northern California and had positive cannabis exposure early on, his journey is still green and he makes it a point to constantly learn all there is to know in the space. “We are working to build organizations and enterprises that will be scaleable long-term, while remaining true to the culture and the heritage that we have all been afforded the opportunity to stem from.” Heritage is important to Giovanti, making sure homage is paid to those who came before - those who paved the way.

The cannabis market is still in its infancy, while remaining ahead of the curve is important, the biggest thing to focus on is long term goals. Giovanti and his team are able to leverage their expertise in finance and technology to do just that and remain focused on outgrowing their competitors. From capital structures to factoring, lean supply chains to mobile device campaigns. Giovanti and his team are having conversations and executing strategies that arent often discussed in the adolescent cannabis industry. When entering the business Giovanti got his start as the CFO for a technology company that was building software that had cannabis applications. It was through this experience that he was able to grasp the importance and impact of cannabis while traveling the world consulting governments, institutions, and academics on cannabis adoption through the integration of technology.

In Q1 of 2020, Giovanti launched his organizations’ flagship brand, Lime Cannabis(R) which is stocked in over 300 retailers throughout the state. He, along with his partner will re-launch a brand that had a cult following which his partner founded from the proposition 215 days, which was the pre-recreational market in California. Also in 2020, he was able to negotiate and roll out relationships with multinational backed brands, celebrity-endorsed brands, and partnerships with some of the largest retailers in the state. So far 2021 he and his team have broken ground on their indoor cultivation facility in the Palm Springs desert and will break ground on their new state-of-the-art HQ building sometime in Q2.

Giovanti is building an organization that is here for the long term. “Cannabis has always been very transactional,” says Giovanti “We are building something that will be authentic, consistent, and meaningful domestically and later globally.” Giovanni believes that he and his team will be able to not only navigate the complex California marketplace but very soon be able to roll out some of their proprietary products throughout the United States. The key international partnerships he is aligned with now will also enable him and his organization to scale globally when the time comes.

For more information follow @giovanti on all platforms.

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