What is the effect of using WORKSITE electric hammer? What aspects should be pai

Posted by sere on March 16th, 2021

WORKSITE electric hammer is a product that many people are very optimistic about. In fact, when most people use this product, they may be most concerned about how to maintain it. So far, how can this product be properly maintained?

First, use reasonably

In the process of actual use of WORKSITE electric hammer, it is recommended that you should be able to understand all aspects of site electricity, because if you want to use a generator or a transformer, you must ensure that the output power is doubled. The actual work is performed between the generator of the rated power of the machine or the working voltage of the transformer, so it is best to ensure that the voltage between 5% and 15% is the best. Do not change the plug of the power supply by yourself or do not use pliers to change it. The shape of the plug.

Second, oiling the drill

During the actual construction and maintenance of the WORKSITE electric hammer, you must look at the specific situation. Before the construction, all the solid oil should be applied to the groove at the tail point of the drill. In this way, these will be used when not in use. , Be sure to take out all the existing drill bits in time to avoid friction between the machine and the machine. The entire machine needs to be cleaned as much as possible.

Third, don't overdo it

WORKSITE electric hammer recommends that you do not apply extra force when you are using it, so that your own system can bring better system work protection during the work process, and excessive pressure may cause damage to internal parts.

What should WORKSITE electric hammer do during use? As mentioned above, the above three maintenance methods are more important. It is recommended that you must master the construction method that suits you during the construction process.

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