What is SBU? A total guide

Posted by Stephen on March 16th, 2021

SBU seems to be a strange term, but if you are about to grow your business in terms of size and product categories, it is necessary to understand the basics of a strategic business unit.

Knowing its importance to any business owner, we would like to introduce this post, which will cover the definition and the complete guide to set up a strategic business unit.

What is SBU?

A strategic business unit (otherwise called SBU) is a business term used to introduce an autonomously oversaw element or unit of a huge organization. Those strategic business units frequently have their own visions, missions, goals, and course. Besides, their arranging is done independently from different businesses, and their objectives are not quite the same as the parent venture and essential to the drawn-out exhibition of the business.

As such, a strategic business unit is a variety of an enormous partnership that is answerable for its common arranging treatment. They can be business divisions, product lines of the division, or a specific product/service. Regardless of what SBUs are, they all objective a particular gathering of clients or a topographical territory.

Notwithstanding working freely, the strategic business unit actually needs to report straightforwardly to the parent association's administrative center with regards to the situation with their working interaction and execution. Ordinarily, the strategic business unit takes a gander at a particular market or industry.

Being a variety of the principal organization doesn't mean SBUs are at the private company size. Then again, they are enormous and have their own help capacities. They can clearly control Human Resource Management (HRM), preparing and improving, and marketing works. Having strategic business units is critical in light of the fact that they give numerous advantages to businesses. Particularly when the fundamental organizations have numerous product structures, they should know and set up SBUs structure. Having one or numerous SBUs, a business can have them react rapidly to shifts in product markets.

One regular illustration of SBU structure is celebrated brands like LG. They give a not insignificant rundown of customer products like refrigerators, televisions, cools, and more. Every one of them is made by various strategic business divisions. They are answerable for assembling and conveying products yet need to consider deciding investments, and budgets. Thusly, LG's primary business can invest more energy and consideration on following expenses, pay, and benefits.

The advantages and disadvantages of SBU

The advantages

  • Strategic business units simplify the strategic management process.
  • Strategic business units help the association between different company departments.
  • Strategic business units make it easier for the bookkeeping process of high-volume organizations.
  • Setting up strategic business units is simple and easy when it comes to monitoring and checking.

The disadvantages

  • It is hard to communicate with upper management.
  • Strategic business units can result in internal tension, which is directly made by access to sources of funding.

Examples of SBU


A large company can split up into small ones based on the product categories it provides. This type is the most common one when it comes to SBU. For example, a snowboard manufacturer decides to set up two strategic business units because it owns two product divisions, which are fashion and equipment.

The fashion division and the equipment division have the same brand name and administrative functions, such as HR (Human resources) and information systems.


Like products, organizations additionally develop the strategic business unit as per their services. For example, a telecom organization can set up a server farm division. This division will help the parent organization in offering various types of assistance like colocation.


The area classification or Region classification is the point at which a business targets clients from various countries or regions. An European design brand dispatches a Japanese dissemination and advancement abilities and accepts it as a strategic business unit to help the organization offer more products to Japanese customers.

Customer Segment

When it comes to the customer segment, a business can have a separate division to service high net world individuals. One industry that is familiar with setting up SBUs based on the customer segment is Banking.


The innovation classification is utilized, particularly with regards to inventive products or gadgets. For instance, a tremendous data innovation business can be separated into strategic business units to dispatch its new imaginative products. The unit is applied as a development venture and tries not to spend a lot after dispatch.


To gain more information about SBU, come to this article source at: What is the Strategic Business Unit (SBU)

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