How to Effectively Use a Commercial Carpet Steamer

Posted by Sarah Jones on March 16th, 2021

Keeping your carpets clean is one of the most important methods to ensure that the house is clean and the air quality is good. If the carets are not cleaned regularly, then the dirt will settle on the carpet and, over time, will lead to many health issues. To eliminate such situations here in Indiana, it is recommended to use a commercial carpet steamer in southern Indiana.

commercial carpet steamer

To keep your carpets clean, you can either hire an expert team from the organization that provides the steam carpet cleaning service, or else you can buy yourself a heavy-duty steam carpet cleaner. Usually, when people hear about steam cleaning, they only imagine that there is only a steam cleaning method. But there are five different methods of commercial carpet steam cleaner, and they are as follows: -

  1. Steam cleaning
  2. Dry cleaning or absorbent compound
  3. Encapsulation
  4. Carpet shampooing
  5. Bonnet cleaning.

This article will help you understand the exact way to use a commercial carpet steamer in southern Indiana and help increase the commercial carpet steamer's life.

1 Act Immediately If There Is a Spot on the Carpet

If something falls on the carpet, then quickly make it a point to remove the spot before allowing it to settle. If the spot is given time to rest, removing the spot will be more difficult. Also, once the spot settles, then the chances of completely removing the spots are also less. Therefore, quickly get your commercial carpet steamer into action and get rid of the spot. Thoroughly read the manual and understand everything mentioned before beginning the cleaning process. Also, the manual would have recommendations on how to rinse the carpet after wash.

2 Roughly Spray On the Surface before Cleaning

The job of carpet commercial carpet steamers will be made easier if you could clean the surface before getting the commercial carpet steamer. Spray a top-quality cleaning solution beforehand to remove the dirt and the spots easily. Once the cleaning solution is sprayed beforehand, the chemicals act on the spot quickly, and the commercial carpet steamer's job is easily done. Once you get a hold of how long the cleaning solution should be kept before bringing the hot steam, your carpet cleaning job gets easier. Ensure not just spray the chemicals and leave them on for a longer time, or else they will leave a spot of their own.

3 Use All the Attachments and Get the Job Done More Quickly

Each commercial carpet steamer comes with a set of different attachments and tools that make the person's job more easily. Understand how all the attachments work and make use of the perfect tool for optimum results. Most heavy-duty cleaners are not the only cleaner; they are also vacuum cleaners. The vacuum cleaner can remove dust and debris from the carpets, whereas the commercial carpet steamers are used to remove the spots from the carpet, rugs, and other soft surfaces.

4 Give Adequate Time for the Carpet to Dry

After the steam cleaning, if the carpet is not given sufficient time to dry, then the carpet over time will be at the risk of growing mould. Some of the commercial carpet steamers take around a day or two for drying. That is not the case at Windell's Carpet Care. The time taken by the commercial carpet steamers for drying is approximately two to four hours. The lesser amount of drying time helps the businesses and houses resume their work without much delay. If the foot traffic starts immediately after cleaning, then the carpet gets less time to dry, leading to moulds growing in the carpet.

5 The Steam Cleaning Must Be Done Frequently

Having your carpet steam cleaned will remove some of the spots that you didn't know even existed. Regular cleaning also helps increase the carpet's life and give the best results when there is a spot on the carpet. If the steam cleaning is not performed regularly due to the spots and the dirt, some carpets also start stinking. The stink is so bad it makes it difficult for the people to smell, and they are forced to get rid of the carpet.

6 Clean the Carpet in a Uniform Motion

While steam cleaning, it is important to clean the carpet in a uniform motion rather than in random order. If you're new to steam cleaning, then read the manual thoroughly and then start cleaning. The cleaning should be either done upwards or downwards. Cleaning up or down helps the commercial carpet steamer cover all the carpet portions without missing a patch. If the cleaning is not done properly, then the stans won't be removed, leading to a dirty patch visible on the clean carpet.

To Conclude

The professionals at Windell's Carpet Care can easily help you keep your carpet clean and spot-free for a longer duration. The experts have a good working knowledge of using steam cleaning as per the industrial, residential and commercial requirements.

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