3 Common Signs You Need Counseling For Nicotine Addiction

Posted by Achieve Awareness Hypnosis on March 16th, 2021

It is shocking to find out that you have crossed the line when you realize you are giving more attention to your smoking routine than any other thing. Whether you started it for fun or as a solution to stress, the cause of nicotine addiction can be the simplest thing. The only complexity is to find a way to quit smoking and live a sober life. Here are a few common symptoms that indicate you should find help to stop smoking in Safety Harbor, FL, for nicotine addiction.


At first, you might enjoy drawing a few puffs of smoke after having meals or completing tedious work. When you started to smoke very frequently of your favorite flavor, you won’t even know if the practice has become normal. The desire to get more makes you think about the sweet taste of nicotine and forgets about other things in your surroundings. Once you become an addict, you might find yourself skipping family duty and other priorities. If you find it challenging to deal with this craving, you should see a counselor without delay.

Needing more tobacco

People who smoke on occasions might not have a problem skipping puffs of nicotine after completing one cigarette. A nicotine addict will have a different perspective on missing a smoking time. As soon as you throw away the butt of the cigarette, you will feel like smoking one cigarette is not enough, and you go for another one. Earlier, you can carry one stick of cigarette in your pocket for an emergency, but now, you are holding a packet for one session! This routine could be an alarming situation if you don’t see a counselor.

Sleep disorder

The worst thing about becoming a nicotine addict is not being to relax without the smell of tobacco. Unless finishing a cigarette, you cannot go to bed. Even if you take a huge amount of nicotine, a sudden urge for an addictive substance can wake you up in the middle of the night. If you feel like drawing a nice taste of tobacco during sleep time, you should choose hypnosis and smoking cessation immediately. Insomnia can also lead to other symptoms such as drowsiness during work hours and lethargy even though you are not doing any physical activity.

Most importantly, you might end up mingling with people you have given up everything to focus on strong intoxicating substances. Besides social withdrawal and weird behavior, you might also suffer from several illnesses.

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