Common misconceptions of what a conveyancing lawyer does

Posted by QC LAW on March 16th, 2021

Using a conveyancing lawyer on Gold Coast will ensure you and your interests are properly looked after and that the legal obligations you have when either buying or selling a property are properly and adequately fulfilled. The role of a conveyancing lawyer is to prepare all the appropriate legal documentation required for property transfers. Specifically, conveyancing lawyers prepare the sale contract and transfer documents as well as sourcing reports that are relevant to the sale such as building and strata reports, pest inspection reports and to make sure there are no mortgages, loans or unpaid debts against the property that will not be settled on or before settlement.

There are many myths about what conveyancing is about and what a conveyancing lawyer does in regard to property value, how long the conveyancing procedure takes and the costs involved.

Some rumors to dispel:

  • It’s best to find your own - False

Often a real estate agent will refer a client to a conveyancing lawyer that they have successfully used in the past. As real estate agents are continually dealing with buying and selling property’s they are in a good position to recommend the best conveyancers

  • Conveyancing Lawyers are more expensive – False

Conveyancing lawyers offer a set price for conveyancing work and there are no hidden costs unlike those who offer to save you money but do not offer a fixed rate as they can incur a large bill for you

  • Going for the cheapest rate will save you money – False

Everyone likes to save money and get a good deal, but when you’re getting involved with a property deal that could be worth hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars you need to make sure that your interests are properly covered by someone who is a true professional not a cowboy who could make mistakes and cost you money or place your property in jeopardy for the sake of a few hundred dollars.

Always primarily focus on comparing a conveyance’s qualifications, experience and reputation and ensure they have the backing of a reputable firm behind them as well as the proper insurances so you know you’re completely covered for any eventuality.

  • Conveyancing takes too long – False

The conveyancing procedure often takes time because of the time it takes to clear mortgagees, search titles for and unknown factors, arrange stamp duties and taxed, review reports and secure loan approvals. Everything needs to be properly checked and all aspects accounted for. A rushed job could result is something being overlooked or misrepresented which has the potential of causing you financial disaster

When a conveyancing lawyer on The Gold Coast is preparing the paper work for your property transactions they will firstly offer you a fixed price that covers all eventualities.

They are professionals who will go through the steps needed to ensure your rights, interests and property are being properly protected and you are acting within the law in all respects as they settle your property deal.

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