What You May Face After You Get Married

Posted by Jake Riviera on March 16th, 2021

One of the most romantic events to happen is a wedding. It’s where the love of a couple shines so bright, they decide to build a new life upon it. While marriage is something new and exciting, it comes with a lot of trials and unknowns. It can be difficult to accustom yourself to living with another person, building a life together when you’ve been on your own for so long. Your marriage won’t work unless it’s built by the both of you giving it your all. Here are some things you can expect to think about and face once you marry your true love.


One of the hardest parts about life after marriage is the world of finances. Now that the two of you have become husband and wife, money could become a problem. If you’re both working, each of you may feel like the money you earn is yours. However, that isn’t necessarily the case. It’s up to each couple to decide whether or not they would like to have a shared bank account, but it is something that must be discussed. What’s coming into the house should be known by both parties. It’s also wise to determine a budget that you’ll both adhere to. This can save you from falling into serious debt and allow you to do fun things or take yearly vacations. Be sure to look for ways to save money in whatever ways you can like looking at different insurance quotes or checking your phone and tv bills.


Family encompasses a lot once you get married. It means the family that the two of you have started, as well as all the in-laws and extended members of each side. It’s easy to make plans about how many and when you want kids before you each says, “I do”, but things don’t always work out that way. Bringing children into the life you two are already trying to learn how to live will throw you both for a loop. When it comes to your personal families, you’ll both have to figure out how things are going to go. Things could get a little rough if either of you is unhappy when visiting the other’s family.


Living life on your own meant time to hang out with who you wanted, when you wanted. Now that you’re married though, it won’t quite work like that. Some friends your spouse may not approve of, and if that’s the case, you’ll both need to have a long talk. If you have friends who are single, you could find it a little bit harder and weird to be around them a lot. Married life means you’ll experience things they don’t understand or can’t comprehend. You don’t have to cross them off of your friend's list, you just need to realize you may be frequently hanging out with different people than you're used to.


Although you should both enjoy your life together and take time to live in the moment, you need to have some sort of plan for the future. You don’t need to write it out line by line, but you both need to make sure you’re on the same page. Various things could happen that cause you to think about things differently, affecting how you live day by day. You also need to talk about what to do if the unthinkable were to happen. While no one expects one or the other to suddenly die or became gravely ill, you both should have things in place just in case. It won’t be an easy conversation to have, but it’s one that you both should really make happen.


Marriage is a beautiful thing, but often takes work and determination to make it successful. This new life is often accompanied by fear. While love is the basis for the relationship, it goes so much deeper than that. You are trying to join two lives together in order to live as one. It’s difficult and often scary to do. The first few months, and sometimes even years, could be very hard and confusing. It takes a lot of courage to leave all that you know in order to join your life to another’s. Face the fear of the unknown together, and you’ll both be able to make it through.

While marriage could be considered a whole new world of i’s own, it’s a place where you can live happily ever. These are just some things to expect once you become mister and misses.

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