Do people still believe in philosophy?

Posted by Keith Morris on March 16th, 2021

Philosophy is the basic study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence. This could even be considered as the theory or attitude that acts as the guiding principle for behavior. Philosophy is the way of living, a way to understand nature and allied components. There could be enormous philosophies, and it is up to the followers to choose among them. The students of philosophy usually get amazed by the diversity of the field, and it becomes difficult for them to remember the concepts in academics. The Philosophy assignment help is taken by them in such cases from variegated sources.

The philosophy has varied concepts like; Empiricism, Ethics & Moral Philosophy, Existentialism, and the list go on. These are among the major allied components of the philosophy that should be understood by the students in-depth.


According to the concept of empiricism in philosophy, the major source or primary source of knowledge is considered to be a sensory experience. The major focus of empiricism is on the role of empirical evidence in the formation of an idea, and not on the focus of innate ideas or traditions. There is a counter-statement to it, which supports that traditions also arise from past experiences. If the overview of the concept is taken, then it could be concluded that human minds were blank at the initial, and gained knowledge with experience only.

Ethics and Moral Philosophy

The concept of ethics is very clear, as it deals with the basic concept of right or wrong. It helped to gain insight into human behavior doings. It could be even considered as the belief about what is morally correct and what is morally wrong. The major component of ethics is the standards that define what is acceptable to society, and what is not. Ethics could be broadly divided into three categories; deontological, teleological, and virtue-based ethics.


This could be considered as the approach of philosophy, according to which, the existence of the individual is free and responsible agents determining their development through the acts of the will. Existence is always particular and individual and is considered as the problem of existence itself. An existentialist would only believe in the being-for-itself and being-in-itself, and thus would not determine the existence of deities, ghosts, and all. 

These concepts are complicated and could require proper assistance such as Philosophy assignment help to get a thorough understanding. The philosophical concepts are based on the thought process, and every individual has the right to follow any particular theory or concept. This completely depends on the attraction, and understanding of the concept. It may look much complicated, but it is the foundation of behavior. It requires an in-depth understanding of these concepts, to reach the intellectual level. Various people only spend their lives understanding these concepts. They used to forget about normal life, and their normal is much more complicated. Some followers used to live a normal life and keep on understanding these concepts.

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