RF (Radio-Frequency) Power Semiconductor is an Integral Part of the Electronics

Posted by Ajinkya on March 16th, 2021

A power semiconductor device is typically a small semiconductor device used as an electronic switch or diode in electricity-based power electronics (i.e. in a bipolar switch Mode Power Supply) or as a quenched diode in an AC-to-DC power supply. These devices are also known as power IC's when employed in automation, computer control systems. These devices are generally fabricated on a flexible substrate and offer many input and output connections as well as an adjustable gate charge. Due to their flexibility and cost-effectiveness, these devices have become one of the most common and widely used input/output devices in digital electronics.

A Radio-frequency (RF) power semiconductor is used as a switch or rectifier in power electronics. The semiconductor is designed to operate in a radio-frequency spectrum that is approximately 3 kHz up to 300 GHz. These devices are used for cellular and mobile wireless infrastructure. RF power semiconductor devices are employed in various applications such as in military radar, marine, and air traffic control systems. Many manufacturers are focusing on providing RF power semiconductor devices with various advancements. A myriad of services and products use RF power semiconductor devices in their transmitter circuitry: radio and television broadcasting; police and fire radios; wireless infrastructure for cell phones and other wireless devices; medical equipment; space/ satellite communications; materials curing that includes plywood and carpet fibers; and military communications and electronics of all kinds.

RF Power Semiconductor products are one of the fastest-growing sectors in today's high technology industry. There are innumerable industries and markets served by RF industries and associated technologies. Most of these industries and markets are highly dependent on various electronic devices for their day to day functioning. RF technology is emerging as a promising technology that promises to automate many manufacturing, scientific, medical, aerospace, and multiphase communications markets. The need for reliable and cost-effective RF technology and associated devices is increasingly growing with time.

As RF power devices continue to evolve and become increasingly popular in a wide variety of industries, the demand for efficient and reliable RF power supply products will continually grow. To meet this growing need, manufacturers are continuously designing new and more efficient RF power semiconductors that can be used in a wide variety of RF applications. These devices are generally smaller in size and operate at lower frequencies than typical RF integrated devices. RF technology has an important role in the provision of communications systems

RF power semiconductors see widespread acceptance in wireless communications devices as it enables efficient RF power amplification. Moreover, radio-frequency power semiconductors are establishing their importance in wireless communications with the advent of 5G cellular communications. Around US$ 26 billion is expected to be spent on 5G networks by 2022. The increasing demand for smartphones and the growing usage of the internet is expected to increase the demand for RF power semiconductors. Furthermore, the demand for radio-frequency (RF) power semiconductors is expected to increase at a promising rate due to the increasing demand for higher operating frequency and bandwidth.


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