Top 9 Traditional Authentic Czech Cuisines You Need To Try In Prague

Posted by Rex Conner on March 16th, 2021

Despite being an underrated destination to travellers, Prague has a lot to offer from its rich history, culture, festivals and cuisine that will make your vacation worth cherishing. While for a first time visitor the best areas to stay in Prague would be Zizkov, Old Town, Vinohrady and Mala Strana, you can find authentic Czech cuisine in almost every corner of the city. You can even sign up for a food tour to explore Czech more effortlessly.


This popular pork dish is served as roasted with stewed cabbage along with dumplings and is quite similar to pork and sauerkraut that you can find in the US. You will notice that in many Czech dishes, there are dumplings served along with them, sometimes mixed or piled on the side of the plate.


This is the traditional beef stew but you will notice a lot more meat in it than a usual one. Served with dumplings, the amount of meat in this dish is sometimes so sumptuous that you may not even spot a veggie along with it.


You can have Chlebíčky, a kind of sandwich in breakfast as well as any time of the day and can find them in restaurants and street-side shops as well. Mainly comes with a variety of toppings, you can have them as a light snack on the go.

Grilované klobásy

To enjoy a piece of delicious meat on the go, people have made numerous versions of it like kebabs or hotdogs. Similarly, this authentic dish of Prague contains grilled sausages with mustard and served in a bread roll and is easily found in almost every corner of the city.


If you have a sweet tooth and been looking for authentic Czech dessert to try, this simple yet classic dessert is what you might want to have on your vacation. Similar to a crepe, but with a unique taste of its own, this dish is also savoured with meat and cheese or after a meal.


Another unique dessert you need to try in Prague is Trdelník, which is also known as chimney cakes. This crispy dessert is made with raw dough wrapped around a stick and by putting it over the flames. Though initially, they seem crispy, the inside of these cakes are soft and often filled with jam or chocolate sauce. Indulge in it as it is or you can even put butter, cinnamon or sugar on top of it for an extra flavour.

Smažený sýr

While visiting Prague you might not want to miss this amazing savoury treat which is basically deep-fried cheese. Mostly served with fries and salad, there are various variations of this dish which you can’t go wrong with.

Pickled cheese

You must try a unique dish of a certain place that cannot be found elsewhere and pickled cheese is exactly something like this that you don’t want to miss while visiting Prague. This classic dish can be found all around the city and is often served with peppers, onions and bread.

Pork knuckle

Being one of the most famous dishes of Prague, Pork knuckle is made of boiled meat marinated in herbs and dark beer after which it is roasted till perfection. This dish is often served with mustard, horseradish and pickled veggies.

With most of the dishes of Prague are rich in flavour yet simple to cook, there is no better way to experience the culture and tradition of the Czech Republic than indulging in the authentic Czech cuisine.

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