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A shocking reality is about to be read by someone. It is you!

With the advent of today?s lifestyle habits, could our kidney still tolerate the burdens? The heavy-fatty foods, staggering salts in viands, the surprising sodium in seasonings and other toxics in instant foods, they are all ?zombies? to the kidneys. They ?eat their brains? literally means damaging the glomerulus and the nephrons. What could the society do regarding this matter?  Will they stop, if they will be told to do so? Will they follow the simple rule of living in moderation? Who knows, I think some people in the society are hard-headed, their ?id? part of personality is so strong that even someone with the highest authority can?t let them follow rules. How about the government agencies that control foods? Could they do something about this? Why is it that these kinds of foods are gradually increasing in number? How about those health care professionals involved with these? ?Kidney transplant is easy and accessible?, is this their line? I think it is not proper.

One of the devastating conditions that were presently faced by older adults today is the deterioration of nephrons, the functioning units of the kidneys. More nephrons deteriorates, the more functions diminished until it reaches renal failure. Renal failure can occur acutely or over a period of time. Acutely occurring one is only temporary while the progressive one is irreversible. Different consequences can result from renal failure. These disgusting consequences can disturb the total activities of daily living of a person. He may not be able to swim in the sea, can?t climb a mountain, can?t make an article or maybe can?t do simple tasks due to courses that affect the brain. Though proper lifestyle could still be maintained while the acute or chronic disease is present, still the capacity of the person to do work is decreased because of the build up of waste inside the body. Uremic syndrome in severe stage which includes fatigue, weakness, nausea and vomiting, bleeding, itchiness of the skin, stomatitis, anorexia, muscle cramps and decreased mental alertness may result into death due to complex reactions of the body. Helpful dietary management includes eating a diet low in salt. Restricting amount of water intake to the amount of water loss, eating abundant fruits and eating a low protein diet is the proper diet. But the best way and the most logical way to prevent the devastating effects of renal failure is to take care of your kidneys while still young and follow the simple rule of living in moderation.

Proper campaign about this issue is the proper way to solve this issue. Authority from the food controller, health teaching from the health sector and advocacy of the people for their own; are the strategies of the campaign.

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