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Posted by Alzbeta berka on March 17th, 2021

Superfoods are the nutrition-dense food consumed for the health benefits and another name for them is super greens. This umbrella term cover different nutritious produce as acai, spirulina, maca, and chlorella. Others are fixtures in the pantry like ginger, chia, cinnamon, and kale. This offers the users various health benefits as anti-oxidation and immunity boosting properties. It is an important part of herbal medicine and indigenous cuisine in the ancient cultures across the globe. Available today as supplements, users can mix the blends and powders in soups, smoothie, and shakes to boost the nutrition intake. You can add the green powders in the bread and muffin dough or blend in yogurts for a nutrition burst.

Some superfood blends to consider in 2021 include the all-around solution that makes you fitter and healthier with regular consumption. This aids digestion, boosts energy, cleanses and detoxes in the form of a dietary supplement. It reduces bloating, reduces inflammation, treats digestive issues, and helps you to lose weight. Others acts upon both your body and mind to promote better health and mental clarity. Consume this to increase your immune response, focus, and general energy. Overcome fatigue and brain fog to increase productivity and calms anxiety, improves sleep, and gives the brain nourishment. This blend multiple superfoods so that incorporating this in your diet is easy.

Mix this with regular smoothie or water to enjoy the goodness and taste. For those finding it hard to get a balanced meal daily can benefit wonderfully from superfood blends. Designed to make your life easier it contains food-sourced components that supply the needed minerals and vitamins to your body. It gives the users comprehensive nutritional source and is a good protein source so that you consume the daily requirements the easy way.

The major benefits of the blends are the following.

  • High nutrition density: this has amino acids, minerals, and vitamins in high concentration.
  • Controls high BP and diabetes type 2: the high vitamin E and C content and various flavonoids in berries reduces high BP and help to control diabetes.
  • Anti-oxidant properties: this has high antioxidant content. It is the natural molecules to neutralize the free radicals in the body. The free radicals are the source of all ills such as immune system breakdown, neural disorder, arthritis, and heart disease. The free radicals are behind multiple debilitating conditions and diseases. The superfood rich in anti-oxidants reduce their harmful effects. Beets, dark chocolate, berries, kale, and beets are superfoods with high flavonoid concentration. These have varied and bright colors indicating high antioxidant levels.
  • Reduce risk of UTI: berries like blueberries and cranberries have numerous benefits. These are rich in vitamin K, manganese, and fiber. It contains flavonoids that reduce chances of urinary tract infection (UTI).
  • Improve heart health and reduce cholesterol: soy contains the phytochemical isoflavones in significant concentrations. This regulates the blood cholesterol and LDL quantities to control potential cholesterol issues. Herring, salmon, and trout is superfood as this has omega-3 fatty acid in high concentration. It improves the heart health and regulates cholesterol. Avocadoes maintain cardiac health and controls cholesterol with high monosaturated fat content. It increases the good cholesterol levels.
  • Stress regulation, anti-carcinogenic, and anti-inflammatory: tea have high antioxidant content and low calories. It hydrates the body. White and green tea reduces stress. The anti-oxidant property of tea is from catechin and this has anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic properties, and reduces arthritis onset. Grapes have quercetin flavonoid with beneficial properties. Other common superfoods with these properties are ginger and avocadoes.
  • Age-related memory loss prevention: the best superfood powder is a brain food and memory booster. Grapes and soy prevent age-related memory loss. The resveratrol polyphenol in red grape skin helps treat Alzheimer’s Disease.4

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