What Is Gourmet?- A Brief Guide

Posted by Sutter Olive Oil Co on March 17th, 2021

The meaning of the word Gourmet is a person who enjoys eating and drinking.  But high-end food, any person who enjoys this food and a place where this food is prepared or bought can be referred to as gourmet.

Mostly though, gourmet defines the person more than the food. Regardless of this, gourmet can be used to refer to:

Food of high quality that is prepared and presented aesthetically and artfully.

A person who takes pleasure in high-quality food and drinks.

A place and the person who prepares the food that is a rich course to be presented in a culinary art form.

Gourmet dishes are prepared with high-quality ingredients that are unique and very rare to be found. The way any food is prepared and presented, the ingredients used in the recipe are what make any food gourmet. So it depends on a lot of specifications whether a food is a gourmet or not, same goes for the preparation method, preparation place and chef who prepares the food.

To understand better let’s look at the following points:

Gourmet food: Not all places gourmet food, as the ingredients used in the preparation are very unusual and hard to find in any local grocery store. Most of the ingredients, when preparing any gourmet recipe, are generally available in very limited quantities and are often exported from the place of origin. One example is Gourmet cheese, there is normal cheese that you can get from the local grocery store but imported and high-quality cheese like Swiss cheese is gourmet food. Nowadays though you can get many imported and high-quality ingredients from around the world online or even in some big grocery stores that sell these in stock for a food fanatic.

Gourmet place or kitchen: These are designed to help the chef in such a way that is specific for a different type of gourmet food preparations. It also includes special types of equipment and appliances, which are necessary to prepare special food and dishes.

Gourmet chef: Not every chef has the skills to prepare and artistically decorate food using the finest of ingredients from around the world to give gourmet foodies a fine food rich in flavor. A gourmet chef has skills to prepare special food with special ingredients and talent to create new recipes and presentation manner of food.

Gourmet foodie: Just like not every chef can prepare gourmet food, not every person has refined tastes. A gourmet foodie is a person who knows food and appreciates & understands every different ingredient and presentation.

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