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Posted by Consagous Technologies on March 17th, 2021

In recent times, telemedicine has been one of the fastest-growing industries, thanks to a global pandemic that gave rise to healthcare away from physical health premises. Telemedicine app development solutions have become the new rage, making healthcare more accessible than it ever was.  

Any app development company can provide you with a telemedicine app, but do you think that’s going to be enough? 

No. There’s a lot at stake as far as healthcare is concerned, and even the most menial of errors can lead to disaster.  

All the more important that your app is seamless, and delivers the most amazing experience to the users, whosoever they may be- either the service providers or the patients.  

Why the Features Should be Nothing Short of Best 

At a time when social distancing and masks are quickly becoming the new normal, telemedicine has proved to be nothing short of a boon for the healthcare domain as a whole. Telemedicine solutions facilitate the connection between patients and doctors, where the interaction between them can easily do remotely as well.  

Telemedicine app development services are surely making lives easier, but as far as features go, this is exactly where things become a little complicated. Yes, telemedicine has made healthcare more affordable, accessible, and highly manageable too, but this is all the more impactful with the right set of features in a telemedicine app. 

Several features are basic and very common with most telehealth apps. For instance, they bring video conferencing along with audio on compatible devices to patients, which might be ‘cost-effective’, as some vendors will tell you. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth, as it is not the only thing that works. 

Some Advanced Features that Set the Best Apart from the Good 

Some pretty important features are not your usual features, but go a long way in enhancing the overall appeal of a telemedicine app. 

Here are some of those advanced features- 

1- Complete Support for Patient & Service Providers

Several telemedicine apps offer very limitedly to no support for patients or doctors, which is done to bring a low-cost app to the market. If you are aiming for your app to be a success for both doctors and patients, go for a solution that is capable to provide complete in-app support to any user accessing the app. 

2- Support for Slower Connections & Bandwidth

If there is something that almost every other medical infrastructure lacks, it’s a sorted Internet connection. When connected with the video conferencing feature of these apps, the slow Internet speed is a big pain.  

The moment a connection becomes slow or delayed, your entire implementation is bound to get screwed. Telemedicine app development solutions, therefore, need to be designed in a way that allows seamless functioning in less than ideal conditions in terms of Internet connectivity.  

3- Scheduling For Providers

Many telemedicine apps allow online appointment requests specified for patients. As a result, the control of such applications does not remain with the service providing to the staff. Through provider scheduling, it becomes easy to decide as to when exactly the medical appointments will be available. 

4- Integration with Health Records

This is one thing that can blow away even some of the best app solutions in the market. If your telemedicine app can get integrated with EHR (Electronic Health Record) system to enhance the efficiency of your team, while also reducing room for error. It becomes pretty easy then to plan appointments and delegate patient records between different systems.

5- Bring in Custom Branding

As a service provider, telemedicine services are just a source to link patients with their physicians. As a customer, patients cannot be left in the wind about who is providing them the service. This is why, in any solution, you need to include your brand identity to make your patients understand that telemedicine is an added service that you are providing. 

Providing telemedicine app development services is never going to prove you wrong. A solution that consists of such features will help you achieve great heights for sure. Consagous Technologies is a leading telemedicine app development company that will make your lives easier, and also take you ahead in terms of competition as well.


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