Learning The Fun Way During Corona Virus Crisis at Little Kingdom School

Posted by littlekingdom on March 17th, 2021

“There is not a utensil to fill the mind but a fire to burn.” Education and Learning are the tools that make this possible. During this challenging time, it was very crucial for everyone to have access to proper education.

Nobody ever expected that an educator would be available to us live, and friends will be made virtually!!!!!!

No doubt, the Coronavirus has changed our lives, but it also has pressed a rewind button in our lives so that we can re-image ourselves and evolve with changing times.

The coronavirus epidemic has helped to revitalize education. It is truly said that “real changes take place in deep crises.

Online classrooms have replaced school classes. Nobody would ever have thought kids will be attending their classes online from the comfort of their homes.

With the purpose in mind that the learning process should not be hindered in this pandemic, We at LITTLE KINGDOM SCHOOL in Tilak Nagar have taken some essential steps to help our students save their entire year and keep on continuing the classes Online mode.

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