Guide for Online Cricket Betting Sites 2021

Posted by Jennifer on March 17th, 2021

Updated Guide on Online Cricket Betting Sites 2021

The best cricket betting sites in India provide a lot of fun odds for the cricket. They always ensure that a range of cricket betting markets are offered and the visitors can use an Indian cricket betting website to deposit the money in different ways and withdraw them as well without much hassle. Trust is one thing on which every top cricket betting site in India thrives. Best cricket betting sites in India always work hard to ensure that the visitors feel at home and not violated by duping them into doing things that they are not supposed to do.

Still, it is best that you do not trust every other online cricket betting site without doing your homework. You need to work on the trust factor and see the signs that the website that you are about to deal with is trustworthy or not. They do not just focus on the trustworthiness factor but also work hard to maintain an updated cricket calendar and answer all the questions that you may have in a satisfied and easy to understand manner.

Factors that make the best cricket betting sites

There are a lot of points that one needs to consider in deciding the best cricket betting sites. The quality of the odds that a cricket portal offers is something that every punter needs to consider to enrich the overall experience.

  •   One of the ways to make the cricket betting experience more enriched is that you go for the in-play betting options available in different markets.
  •   Many of the top online Indian cricket betting sites also provide the visitors with the promotions and welcome offers to spice up the deals for the new punters.
  •   Sites also work on increasing the total number of betting markets by including some of the most top-ranked tournaments happening anywhere in the world in a given calendar year.
  •   These top websites also ensure that the bettors are provided with the most updated statistics and past results in the dashboard to help them make well-informed decisions on different cricket bets.
  •   Top cricket betting sites also work on improving the overall user experience by providing details about the past results in an easy to understand manner. The use of interactive information cluster panels helps the bettors easily access all types of information that they may require.

When it comes to placing bet on cricket online, there are different features available to the wagers that they can use to their advantage. Examples of such premium features including live commentary, ball-by-ball updates, and players’ form curve. These are in-play betting features that provide a lot of real value to help the bettors track progress of the cricket games happening live anywhere in the world. These websites for cricket betting also get their stats updated from the big portals of the game like ESPNcrickinfo and CricBuzz.

Strategies and Tips for Online Betting Sites in India

When it comes to placing bets on the best betting site in India for cricket, you need to keep a few things in mind. Make smart strategies which would help you decide the best bets to place on these top websites even at the time when emotions are running high and it is difficult to make rational decisions.

Which team is playing at home and which team is playing away

The teams have their own strengths and comfort zones. Most of the cricket teams feel more convenient playing at their home grounds since this is where they have started their journey of cricket. They also know the grounds of their home country a lot better. However, when it comes to gong abroad and playing abroad, they have to be cautious about a lot of factors and take less chances of playing their natural game. Instead, they focus on trying to play safe and more defensive. Therefore, when placing cricket bets, always know the team that you betted on is playing at home or away.

Legal betting sites in India do cover such topics in detail. Every best betting site 2020 would cover the support factor and accordingly consider the type of home crowd support to see the kind of confidence it will give to the home team. Here is a complete guide to legal betting in india. Indian and Australian crowds are pretty feverish in terms of the support that they extend to their teams when playing home series. They also make the game a little more hostile and the host teams may sometimes find it a bit difficult to gain the level of confidence required to contest at an equal level.

So, what do we learn from the home or away series when placing bets on an online betting website? Well, for online cricket betting, the match contested is affected by a lot of variables. Some teams play almost equally well at home and away but most of the teams do not have that kind of confidence to always win series when away from home.


The game of cricket is played in various parts of the world. The sports betting sites in India do know and consider reporting on the accuracy of the weather. The best online sport betting site in India will always provide commentary on how the weather will impact a certain game and its probable outcome. For instance, some places with change in weather start making the seam bowling deadlier, particularly with a side breeze supporting the swing bowling attack.

Cricket betting sites in India will let you know if a particular pitch is a great track for spin bowling or the fast bowlers. Similarly, an Indian cricket betting website will provide you with the updated stats of bowlers and how effective they are on certain pitches. Typical pitches for spin track exist in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, and Pakistan.

Windy conditions play a crucial role in the efficacy of the swing bowling. However, when the weather is humid and dry, it becomes difficult for most batsmen to face the spin bowling attack. India is among countries where there exists a tropical climate and the evening dew does have a say in the outcome of the bowling attacks. The team batting second will have to deal with the dew factor and also have to take care of its fielding, since catch a wet becomes even more difficult. Even finding friction the pitch becomes less possible and thus may result in the spin bowlers struggling.

These are some of the pitch related factors that you need to keep in mind before placing the bet.

top cricket betting site in India, Best Cricket Betting Sites

The Pitch Report

The pitch report by a top cricket betting site in India shares the details on the type of behavior of the playing surface. The best cricket betting sites may also share the statistics and which type of bowlers will the pitch support the most. It includes analysis of the different types of moist and dry surfaces and how they may assist or lack in assisting the various bowling attacks. This also decides if the batsmen would struggle or have a comfortable time facing spin and fast bowlers.

Latest on the Two Teams Playing and Ground Size

It is essential that you have the latest information on the grounds or venues where the game is played. You need to have updated information on the form of two teams playing. The condition of the outfield also tells if the players would be able to secure more ground runs or they would have to rely on big hits. If there are any injuries or emerging players in a team, you must know about that before you placing a bet on cricket online. The websites for cricket betting ensure that you have that information and make the most out of it. A smaller ground size can potentially lead to more runs and vice-versa if the teams are playing in a big cricket ground. Main players being injured does not contribute to the team’s confidence and even a fresh injury scare can significantly impact the outcome of the match played between two cricket teams.

There are many markets that you can have access to when playing on online betting sites in India. However, the best betting site in India can only provide you with the information. That information does not serve you any purpose if you are not putting it to use. It may include variables like the form of the two teams facing each other, team news, the H2H meeting and at least a cursory look at the history of the team teams competing against each other in a tournament.

Some teams are very good in bilateral or tri-lateral cricket match series. They are also good at their home ground but that does not mean that they will always prove their mettle when being played against at bigger tournaments. It is essential that you know what makes a team nervous and what are their strengths. You must also know in which types of cricketing events the two teams playing against each other and which are the ones in which they struggle to make their mark.

Therefore, the information provided by a website for betting in India may not be enough and you have to work on your own to learn more about the game. The above mentioned tricks and tips can help you narrow down your thinking to the most logical conclusions a game of cricket can reach. The best Indian betting sites information must be put to good use. There are no guarantees when it comes to betting and particularly in the game of cricket. It is a game that can change with a single catch, wicket, or a shot. It is therefore essential that you do not just rely entirely on the luck and use your own cricketing brain to make decisions as well.  

Popular Betting Markets Offered by the Best Cricket Legal Betting Sites

There are different markets available out there that you will find on every best betting site 2020. You need to have complete knowledge of the different online cricket betting markets to make the most of the opportunities and odds available online.

Outright Winners

It is a type of cricket betting market where you have to pick a favorite team in a tournament. You can place your wager on the home side that is represented by the figure “1”. Or you can select the figure 2 for the team that is playing away from the home. Or you can also select the alphabet “X” which represents the draw of a match between two teams. It remains to be one of the most famous options to place a bet online on cricket and you can mostly find it for all three formats of the game i.e. T20, Test Matches and ODIs (One Day Internationals).

Every big online betting website offers the option to bet on the outright winner. You can place online cricket betting for outright winners.

Winning the Toss

This kind of wager is a lot simpler. You just need to select which of the teams is going to win the toss. Most of the best cricket betting sites provide the option to choose the winner of the toss before a cricket match official commences. You can find many best cricket betting sites that let you guess the team to win the toss.

Guessing the Match Winner

This is another form of placing the simplest of the bets on a cricket match. In this particular type of bet, you will have to guess which of the two teams playing the match will win. This also calls in factors like the overall form of the two teams, the best performing players, any injury prone players, any updates on the emerging talents, the expected behavior of the pitch and the overall weather conditions. The best cricket betting websites guess the match winner.

Top Batsman of Each Team

This type of market provided by the sports betting sites in India focuses on the individual batsmen performances from both the teams. You can think of the maximum scores that they would on a given tour. You would have to guess which of the batsmen in each team would make the most runs. You must take the chance on the dark-horses only if you know their domestic runs and how much consistent they are with their performances. The scores that they have made and the type of pressure situations they have faced in the past have got a lot to do with the kind of performances they would have against most difficult opponents. This is one of the many interesting odds offered by the top cricket betting sites in India.

Every best online sport betting site in India does provide you with the option of guessing the top team batsmen. Every top Indian cricket betting website puts a lot of emphasis on the batsmen performances since India is one of the best batting sides for quite some time.

Top Team Bower

A top cricket betting site in India will always provide you with the option to guess which of the bowlers in which team would give their best performance. However, sometimes you may not see the things you would have guessed. For instance, if in a cricket team two bowlers have taken the same amount of wickets, in that case you would consider which of the two bowlers have conceded less number of runs. This way you can guess which of the bowlers performed the best despite taking the same number of wickets in a cricket match.

Most Sixes Hit

Best cricket betting sites in India always focus on the most number of sixes that a player would hit during a tournament. This is a difficult type of cricket wager. There are so many teams that play a tournament and no one knows which team would go to the end of the tournament. There are many players who are in a great position to hit a lot of six runs. This type of market mostly exists in the T20 game format. The focus is to provide the bettors with the option to guess which of the batsmen would hit the most number of sixes.

Highest Number of Runs Scored by an Individual

There is another fun way to particular in the online betting sites in India for cricket. You can also go for the market of highest individual scores. You do not need to worry for which team the player is playing but only have to know the player and can win money on it.

The First Dismissal Method

The best cricket betting sites in India also provide the option to choose from the different dismissal methods for the players. There are different ways in which a player can get run out. Some of them may include runout, being stumped, bowled out, caught or LBW (leg before wicket). You have to guess that how a certain batsman is going to get out. If you guess it right, you would be able to win this wager. The idea is to know the strengths and weakness of each batsmen and the kind of bowling attack they are going to face.

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