Why SimpleFX will always be in Vogue

Posted by zemesangel on March 17th, 2021

Recognised globally as the best trading app. Forex, crypto, shares, gold, oil…

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Benjamin Franklin claimed that only two things in life will always be certain: death and taxes. But he was SO wrong. There’s a third certainty…

Unquestionably, if she were alive today, globally renowned French fashion designer and businesswoman Coco Chanel (9 August 1883 - 10 January 1971) would have LOVED online CFD* broker SimpleFX – Trading Global Markets Made Easy.

*Contract For Difference

Like the team behind the world’s simplest and most powerful trading platform SimpleFX, Coco understood the beauty and power of simplicity. She made an astonishingly successful career out of it, in fact. But sadly, as aforementioned, wonderful Coco – the founder and namesake of the universally popular Chanel brand – passed away before SimpleFX was born in 2014. SimpleFX soon became universally popular itself, as a celebrated trading app, and it can claim bragging rights on being one of the first brokers to offer cryptocurrency accounts. But it’s certainly not a company to rest on its laurels…

Always keeping their finger on the pulse – that’s SimpleFX

You can count on the SimpleFX team being up to date with the newest cryptocurrency trend, whilst simultaneously maintaining their reputation as being the easiest way to trade.

Determined to keep things super-simple, they’re inclusive not exclusive, constantly conveying the sense that ANYONE can trade, get involved, prosper… trading isn’t just for experienced trading whiz kids. No way. Forget Gordon Gekko. In fact, ignore Wall Street altogether. Check this out instead: with SimpleFX you can sign up for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance Coin accounts with just an email.


The lowest transfer fees; and usable on all devices. IDEAL.

As well as ease of use, SimpleFX’s seemingly unstoppable accelerating growth might also have something to do with them offering the lowest transfer fees available;that’s why they’ve recently introduced Binance Coin, Binance USD as well as the fastest and most economic Binance Smart Chain.

What to do now

SimpleFX are mobile-first, but you can use the same app across all devices. Use the same accounts with SimpleFX Web Trader, native iOS, Android, or Huawei app or MetaTrader4.

Got the app yet? Go here: simplefx.com to sign up immediately for the world’s leading crypto-first trading app aimed at providing the most economical and speediest transfers.There’s no ID verification required for cryptocurrency accounts. No minimum deposits. No fees.And you can choose from 200 symbols. YES, 200.

Whether you’re using Android, iPhone, laptop, or any other device, you’ll find the trading experience nothing less than flawless. And we think you’ll quickly agree with over 240,000 registered users worldwide that SimpleFX genuinely is simply magnificent. Or as Coco would undoubtedly exclaim, uncharacteristically losing her legendary cool just once in her life, if she were with us excitedly trading today:

SimpleFX? Mon Dieu! Sacrebleu!



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