Smart Phones Getting Rejuvenated With Windows Mobile App Development

Posted by sunainaram on April 27th, 2015

Technology advancements have been very visibly shrinking the size of the gadgets and proportionally also increasing their capabilities. Earlier there were the huge computers, then the desktops and laptops and now the smart phones are hogging the limelight. A majority of the smart phones around the world are powered by the Android operating system. This makes up for quite a profitable proposition for an Android Application Development Company to design and develop apps for the audience owning a smart phone powered by the Android operating system.

It was not long ago that one of the world's most powerful software companies, Microsoft, recognized the growing domination of smart phones and it being a laggard in that context. Windows though recognized and most popular computer operating system had very little presence in the smart phone segment. Of lately the news of a new Windows operating system that promises to streamline the user experience right from desktops to smart phones has caught on the fancy of Windows Mobile App Development the world over. It definitely made sense, to rejuvenate the effort for redesigning the application for the Windows mobile platform that already had the biggest share of computer applications.

Although there is still some time before the new Windows mobile platform makes its grand debut later this year, the Android folks are not prepared to play a game of following up. With many updates coming through in the recent years and Google itself bridging the gaps wherever possible, the scenario with any Android Application Development Company is quite bursting with activity to take advantage of the new developments within the Android operating system. Being first on the scene is always advantageous when it comes to business. That's because one gets undivided attention of the target audience and enough time to garner a huge consumer base before others in market catch up with the trend.

Of course, having a huge market share does tilt the odds in favor of the smart phones powered up by the Android operating system. But that doesn't mean it stays that way for a long time without innovation. And Microsoft took time out from the usual updates and other regular stuff it does to its flagship product to sit back and a take a long look for a consistent innovation regime. The outcome was a new and highly rejuvenated Windows avatar that took the computer as well as the smart phone world by surprise enough to rekindle the Windows Mobile App Development fervor in the smart phone app companies. Needless to say the effort has been its worth and it is bringing back some shine of the good old glory days for one of the oldest software companies in the world.

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